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Cazzy99 23 Out, 2012 às 9:30
steam really need more horror games right?
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AgustinCordes  [autor] 23 Out, 2012 às 12:52 
I don't know if it needs more horror games, but it definitely needs more adventure games like Asylum ;)
cgngreenbadass007 29 Out, 2012 às 16:50 
It does need more horror games
RussianLegion44 11 Jun, 2013 às 3:41 
This good horror
Wille84 1 Dez, 2013 às 3:18 
As a fan of good old style games like Sanitarium and Gabriel Knight, i am waiting for this with high expectations. The last two "adventure/horror" games that i even remember are Amnesi TDD and Outlast. We need more games like the old masterpiece "Realms of the Haunting". That game is my all-time favorite and nothing has even remotely challenged it.
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A mostrar 1-4 de 4 comentários
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