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The Stanley Parable
nefarita 2012. nov. 10. @ de. 8:26
Now that Steam is on Linux...
Are you considering to release your game on Linux? How are your feelings about it? Too much work/development time and does not pay enough?

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Gran PC  [Fejlesztő] 2012. nov. 11. @ de. 4:15 
Hey there,

I'm going to try to get a Linux version to be released with the Windows and Mac versions. If Valve don't port the Portal 2 branch of Source to Linux in a timely manner, I will do so myself.

While I believe it will be a lot of work, I want to do this because even though I currently use Windows, the only reason I'm using Windows is because all the games I like are only available on this platform, and I believe this is the case for many people.
nefarita 2012. nov. 14. @ du. 2:13 
Yulike 2012. nov. 15. @ de. 11:45 
That's awesome news! Looking forward to this game and best of luck with the port :D - Redditer
brokeassben 2012. nov. 15. @ de. 11:46 
That's what I like to hear!
Touch My Box 2012. nov. 15. @ de. 11:57 

How many copies of your game am I allowed to buy?
will3032840 2012. nov. 18. @ de. 5:34 
I'm running steam linux as I speak, it warms my heart for you to develop to linux <3
keyxmakerx 2013. okt. 12. @ du. 8:58 
I do hope you port this game to linux, and also ubuntu's mir if you could!
Gran PC  [Fejlesztő] 2013. okt. 13. @ de. 3:00 
Yeah this is still planned. Much to my dismay I couldn't even get the Mac version working properly, so we decided to focus on the game itself and then on porting it. Sorry!
flesk 2013. okt. 14. @ de. 5:32 
Glad to hear you haven't given up on it, despite the problems you encountered. I loved the demo and I'm eagerly awaiting the Linux version, whenever that will be available.
8bit 2013. okt. 18. @ du. 5:44 
I am also waiting for a Linux version before I purchase.
inferno986return 2013. okt. 19. @ du. 1:13 
I will probably buy it anyway, but a Linux version is most certainly appreciated. I try to play what I can here on Ubuntu.
Silent-Hunter 2013. okt. 21. @ du. 11:34 
It plays perfectly in WINE, but a native port would be much appreciated. Thank you for considering one.
Silejonu 2013. okt. 22. @ de. 9:13 
Thank you !
I will jump on the Linux version as soon as it will be released. =D
M-x 2013. okt. 26. @ de. 11:36 
I'm looking forward to buy the game once the Linux version will be released!
Archimedes_Stench. [Linux] 2013. nov. 11. @ de. 4:48 
I would like to also say that when you can get the Linux port up I will also buy a copy. And my compliments on your game, it looks brilliant.
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