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The Stanley Parable
nefarita 10. marras, 2012 8.26
Now that Steam is on Linux...
Are you considering to release your game on Linux? How are your feelings about it? Too much work/development time and does not pay enough?

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Gran PC  [kehittäjä] 11. marras, 2012 4.15 
Hey there,

I'm going to try to get a Linux version to be released with the Windows and Mac versions. If Valve don't port the Portal 2 branch of Source to Linux in a timely manner, I will do so myself.

While I believe it will be a lot of work, I want to do this because even though I currently use Windows, the only reason I'm using Windows is because all the games I like are only available on this platform, and I believe this is the case for many people.
nefarita 14. marras, 2012 14.13 
Yulike 15. marras, 2012 11.45 
That's awesome news! Looking forward to this game and best of luck with the port :D - Redditer
brokeassben 15. marras, 2012 11.46 
That's what I like to hear!
Touch My Box 15. marras, 2012 11.57 

How many copies of your game am I allowed to buy?
will3032840 18. marras, 2012 5.34 
I'm running steam linux as I speak, it warms my heart for you to develop to linux <3
keyxmakerx 12. loka, 2013 20.58 
I do hope you port this game to linux, and also ubuntu's mir if you could!
Gran PC  [kehittäjä] 13. loka, 2013 3.00 
Yeah this is still planned. Much to my dismay I couldn't even get the Mac version working properly, so we decided to focus on the game itself and then on porting it. Sorry!
flesk 14. loka, 2013 5.32 
Glad to hear you haven't given up on it, despite the problems you encountered. I loved the demo and I'm eagerly awaiting the Linux version, whenever that will be available.
8bit 18. loka, 2013 17.44 
I am also waiting for a Linux version before I purchase.
inferno986return 19. loka, 2013 13.13 
I will probably buy it anyway, but a Linux version is most certainly appreciated. I try to play what I can here on Ubuntu.
Silent-Hunter 21. loka, 2013 23.34 
It plays perfectly in WINE, but a native port would be much appreciated. Thank you for considering one.
Silejonu 22. loka, 2013 9.13 
Thank you !
I will jump on the Linux version as soon as it will be released. =D
M-x 26. loka, 2013 11.36 
I'm looking forward to buy the game once the Linux version will be released!
Archimedes_Stench. [Linux] 11. marras, 2013 4.48 
I would like to also say that when you can get the Linux port up I will also buy a copy. And my compliments on your game, it looks brilliant.
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