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The Stanley Parable
Cakebread  [udvikler] 22. sep 2012 kl. 13:46
On the subject of pricing
A lot of people have asked what the game will cost, if anything. While I've been holding off on story details specifically to keep the game a surprise, I've said nothing about price because, well, we don't know yet. The biggest problem is that the game is really best played knowing nothing about it ahead of time, so the higher a price we charge the more likely players are to ruin the experience for themselves to find out what they're paying for. Whatever price point we set, I want it to be accessible enough that players feel comfortable paying without feeling a need to watch a youtube video of the whole thing ahead of time. That's a delicate balance and it's one that has not been nailed down yet. To the people who have said that they would pay money for this sight-unseen, thank you very much, your confidence is infectious and I appreciate it greatly. I will definitely update you when more details have been decided on.
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Commando 22. sep 2012 kl. 17:51 

sauz 22. sep 2012 kl. 19:17 
can hardly wait.
Flash Nuke 22. sep 2012 kl. 19:20 
make it free, like stanley
refinedbean 23. sep 2012 kl. 0:17 
I'm pretty sure you'll find the sweet-spot when it comes to price. I'll be buying it so long as it isn't 60 bucks or so, no matter what. But maybe $5-$10?
Make it free
agw 23. sep 2012 kl. 1:33 
Given the problems specific to the mysterious nature of this game, you may wish to open up the possibility of "choose your own purchase price" a la HIB or simply for donations. Though of course that can't be done via Steam directly, and even providing the option for donations can make people illogically think you are being greedy...
sout 23. sep 2012 kl. 3:20 
I honestly wouldn't mind paying a small amount for it, but again it seems Stanley is something you have to experience firsthand. Being free would mean people could download and play without ruining it for themselves, but I understand if you need to make something from it.
Forced Anal 23. sep 2012 kl. 3:37 
cant wait for this. played the first one you made and this one should be great
J.R.R Tinker 23. sep 2012 kl. 4:34 
Make it al least 5 dollars
Jodern 23. sep 2012 kl. 7:20 
$5 sounds like a reasonable price. I would buy it anyways, but for people who never played the original and have no idea what they are paying for $5 might be low enough to test it out.
met306 23. sep 2012 kl. 7:28 
I will not pay any money whatsoever, considering if its anything like the first game, its 30 minutes long with only a few different endings. Unless you make this game have a bunch of wildly different endings, I will pay absolutely nothing for it.
nickNickNICK 23. sep 2012 kl. 9:06 
It'll probably go the Dear Esther route at $15 and then eventually drop down to $10.
Etone 23. sep 2012 kl. 14:56 
The first one was amazing. I am surprised even that was free. I would be willing to pay up to 15 dollars for this game if it is an upgrade for the original
Axmann 23. sep 2012 kl. 22:51 
The original was free and once you've set that standard, deciding to charge people is a bad move and looks selfish/desperate. I wouldn't pay a penny over $2.99.
Pirateguybrush 24. sep 2012 kl. 0:09 
I'd pay $15.
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