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Sub Rosa
Hw do u install it?
I got it on jzip but i cant add it to steam can anyone tell me how to install it
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give me more info on your problem and i will try to help. when i downloaded mine, i didn't extract it, i actully cut the folder from the zip folder then paste it into program files, then i added the game to steam in my steam library. it work fine for me but like i said before give me a better discription of your problem, or have you solved your problem
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Hello! My name is Jan 25, 2014 @ 6:59am 
You shouldn't have to install it. Just unzip it, and run it.
k thanks
how do u cut the folder
you just go into the zip folder that has the game in it then you right click on the game folder inside the zip folder then that will come up with the list of things you can do with that fold, find the word cut down the list and click on it then paste that folder where ever you like but before you cut and paste the folder you need to highlight it so you can do those steps that i said before. thats all you have to do my friend, enjoy your game :)
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CClerge21 Jan 27, 2014 @ 3:02pm 
I need help too and i have not the slightest clue as to what you're saying. But mind comes up as a bunch of files and folders, can you try to dumb it down as much as possible. I also have jzip. @YellowHazopspartan994
um just one question, what do you mean by dumb down, do you mean by give less info? anyways the reason why i have said that big sentence last time thats because that was a different way to get the folder out of the zip folder instead of extracting it to where ever and btw i have 7zip on my windows 8 laptop and its not easy to extract things from that program. if i had Winrar, then that would be more easyer to use then 7zip. i'm sorry if my help was to hard for you to understand..but i like to do things the easy way then the long and annoying way so my opologizes CClerge21 i just hope you know how to cut and paste things thats all, cus thats the way i did it for my game from the zip folder and my game works fine btw, i hope i cleared that up for you....omg i can not belive on how much i wrote before, i think i know too much lol sorry guys
ok now i'm going to say this, don't worry about the way i moved my game out of the zip folder because i'm only confusing you i'm sorry ok just tell me what your problem is with trying to extract the folder, ill try and help you another way ok
CClerge21 Jan 31, 2014 @ 3:00pm 
Ok I sort of understood what you said but when i use things like jzip it doesen't do anyhting to the files.
CClerge21 Jan 31, 2014 @ 3:02pm 
It doesn't even see it when I search the folder i put it in. Also which 7zip version would I use?

it probably doesn't matter which version of 7zip you would use, i'm only new to using 7zip but i know how to use winrar because i use to use it on my dads desktop to mostly extract halo custom edition maps and i would have to say that, winrar is a good extracting program and i would recommend using to extract folders instead of using 7zip because its almost bad as Jzip but still you can extract things on 7zip unlike Jzip but i still recommend usings winrar for extracting stuff, so will you use Winrar instead of 7zip and Jzip
i just uninstalled 7zip instead of looking at what version it is, so i'm going to download winrar and hopefuly it will sort out my extracting problems and btw you should download winrar as well, trust me, you will be glad that you did download the program and it will make extracting easy, so if i were you i would give winrar a go and reply to me back if you like it ok
CClerge21 Feb 5, 2014 @ 7:36am 
thank you
your welcome and btw, did you end up getting around playing sub rosa
hey CClerge21 what do you think of sub rosa
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