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Ehnenu  [kehittäjä] 7.11.2012 kello 12.57
Questions and Answers
If you have any questions about the game, here you can feel free to ask us. We will try to answer every question.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Ehnenu; 7.11.2012 kello 12.58
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A-1000 8.11.2012 kello 11.21 
I want demo
Ehnenu  [kehittäjä] 10.11.2012 kello 4.14 
Demo probably come after we release the game - but still it is not yet certain.
TealSpark 16.11.2012 kello 10.37 
system requirements so far?
TealSpark 16.11.2012 kello 10.41 
Also, will enemies be able to see you from afar(off the sceen)? Hence the use of crouch with the sniper rifle?
Ehnenu  [kehittäjä] 17.11.2012 kello 5.19 
Almost everyone of the enemies have the sense of sight and hearing.

When the enemy heard but did not see the player, then for a while it will seek a potential threat - cautious mode. So if the player sneak up unnoticed to the enemy, then he will be able to take him down without being seen (especially if player have the "silencer" modification, or appropriate perk).

Some enemies have better hearing than sight and vice versa, so there is a small chance that the enemies will see player off the sceen, but this does not happen often. Everything depends on the player's play style.

Also crouch is a part of sneaking, but also improves the accuracy of weapons (especially "optical" weapons).

System requirements we will add soon - however, they are not high as it might seem :)
TealSpark 17.11.2012 kello 13.06 
Brandon 30.11.2012 kello 2.10 
Preordering? I will pay right now to get my hands on this beast. ;D
Ehnenu  [kehittäjä] 30.11.2012 kello 15.40 
Thanks for raising our morale :)

Surely you will be able to pre-order this game, but still we need some time to finish more elements of the game.

Cheers, bXmMusic!
Brandon 30.11.2012 kello 23.36 
Alright, awesome. I'll keep in touch :]
Pipacs 22.4.2013 kello 2.31 
Any chance for Linux version?
Ehnenu  [kehittäjä] 22.4.2013 kello 2.44 
We'd love to, but unfortunately the game engine work only on DirectX 9 games for the Windows system.
So does this game have an ending if so is there an endless mode or something like that?
Ehnenu  [kehittäjä] 22.4.2013 kello 5.26 
Enamel is still in (early) Beta, and the current version of the game does not contain any content plot. So at the moment there are no ending in the game.

Now we focus to fixing bugs and gradually adding more "things" to the game, because it's still quite "empty" world.

Shatari 24.4.2013 kello 0.25 
Is there any way to start the game in a full screen mode? The game does seem to work with a 1024x768 display setting, as it tries to put all of the menu text off screen.
Ehnenu  [kehittäjä] 24.4.2013 kello 3.17 
We are currently working on a patch which among other things allows users to play with a resolution of less than 1280x720. Groupees: Build a Greenlight 2 unfortunately don't add this to the Requirements of the game. We apologize for this, and now its our priority to fix this problem and we try to do it quickly as posible.
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Näytetään 1-15 / 29 kommentista
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