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Die Community hat genug Interesse an diesem Spiel gezeigt. Valve ist nun mit diesem Entwickler in Kontakt getreten, um auf die Veröffentlichung auf Steam hinzuarbeiten.

Greenlight wird eingestellt. Weitere Informationen zur Veröffentlichungen von Spielen auf Steam finden Sie in diesem Blogeintrag.
Tinnitus Games  [Entwickler] 2. Okt. 2012 um 2:08 Uhr
Questions to Reperfection? Feel free to ask!
If you have questions to Reperfection just ask us anything. :)
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Emanisass 5. Okt. 2012 um 8:42 Uhr 
Will there be different music for most scenes (i.e the funeral scene would have sad music) ?
Tinnitus Games  [Entwickler] 8. Okt. 2012 um 5:12 Uhr 
Yes, each page (e.g. the funeral scene or Bens house) has its own music theme.
Ranito 24. Nov. 2012 um 12:33 Uhr 
Are the panels the equivalent of going to a different room and you can revisit previous panels and do different things in them; or visiting previous panels it's just to rewatch previous scenes?

For example, when you are inside the protagonist's house can you move freely within rooms or you must follow a linear path, room after room?

EDIT: Oh, I rewatched the trailer and realized the panels are static, I thought you could move like a third-person adventure game around the scenes...
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Tinnitus Games  [Entwickler] 26. Nov. 2012 um 1:17 Uhr 
Most of the time it's possible to change the panels on the same page as you like, if they are already visible. So you can move from one room to another and return.
Primal Fear 27. Jan. 2013 um 16:38 Uhr 
From what I have seen in the demo, I wouldn't call it Horror. It's seems to be more a Thriller (to speak in movie tems) or better a Mystery-Thriller. Would you say this will change during first Episode or in later Episodes?
Tinnitus Games  [Entwickler] 29. Jan. 2013 um 1:25 Uhr 
Yes, you are right. It's more a Mystery-Thriller with only some horror elements. This will stay the same in the later episodes (unfortunately there's no Thriller category here on Steam).
Dunther 24. Juni 2013 um 21:15 Uhr 
Just saw the IGS promo, buyers from IGS will get a Steam key if the game get released on Steam?
And another question, buying it from there would grant access to all episodes or just the first one?
Tinnitus Games  [Entwickler] 26. Juni 2013 um 10:26 Uhr 
You get a key for the first episode (the only one that exits atm) of Reperfection at Desura. If it gets greenlit here you'll also get a key for Steam.
Dunther 26. Juni 2013 um 10:41 Uhr 
Thanks a lot :)
Turambar29 4. Juli 2013 um 3:58 Uhr 
I'm having a bit of a hang up - how does one unscrew the coffin at the crash site?
Tinnitus Games  [Entwickler] 13. Juli 2013 um 23:28 Uhr 
Hi! There's a screwdriver in the glove box of Sarah's car.
Canaduh 13. Dez. 2013 um 21:42 Uhr 
I tend to play these sort of games off and on to pass the time, will there be, say, steam achievements thrown in for people who play to that end?
Tinnitus Games  [Entwickler] 6. Feb. 2014 um 1:35 Uhr 
Hi! Sorry for the very late answer! I must admit, I don't know how exactly we could include the Steam achievement system, but we would try to. :)
LeeSoohyun 12. Feb. 2014 um 21:08 Uhr 
I have 2 questions. I can't speak English very well. So I don't know what man who last scene in teenagers funeral talking about 'I would much like to visit you at home and collect it myself'. I think the man who red mark on the chest talk about 'I want to go house of Ben's wife' and don't know last speech 'cellect it myself'. Plz explain dialog and who is he? red mark on the chest.
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Tinnitus Games  [Entwickler] 13. Feb. 2014 um 4:05 Uhr 
Hii! This man is the one who murdered Kim in the cellar. Ben took Kim away from him, now the murderer wants to get Ben's wife Sarah in exchange.
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