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Gray Matter
Tim 2012. szept. 19. @ de. 12:54
Get this greenlighted!
This looks really good. You can search for the demo if you want to try it out.
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[GoC] Col. Mustard 2012. okt. 27. @ du. 6:35 
Indeed. Gray Matter received Runner-Up for 2011 Game of the Year on my blog, Choicest Games :). It's refreshing to see an old-school adventure game with an intriguing story in this day and age. I can't believe this hasn't already been greenlit!

flo-12 2012. nov. 8. @ du. 9:19 
i don't understand why this game is not already on steam and directly
flo-12 2012. nov. 8. @ du. 9:21 
With this system, i'm afraid there is only action games on steam in the futur. Steam has to support the adventure game of quality like this.
Adam 2012. nov. 9. @ du. 3:26 
Yeah. I really hope it will be greenlit soon.
sparkedlight 2012. nov. 9. @ du. 4:13 
I am patiently waiting for this game to be greenlighted lol.
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perun.prime 2012. nov. 12. @ du. 2:33 
This is amazing game. I will buy as soon as a sale in Steam.
And please add Russian localization/
gusgreco7 2012. nov. 22. @ de. 12:42 
because adventure games are popular only in europe and in some countries like germany,france and here in greece
i hope valve people responsible for the selection of greenlit games include some adventure games next time (gray matter and black mirror games would be great)
flo-12 2012. nov. 22. @ de. 1:10 
@gusgreco, you are shure of that ? On kickstater, some projects of adventure games are a very big succes (Tim Schaffer, the next " les chevaliers de Baphomet" de Charle Cecil ,Jane Jensen etc). It's not only europeans.
never047 2012. nov. 22. @ du. 2:01 
it feels like devs aren't putting any effort in getting this greenlit..they should participate more
Yengoshi 2012. nov. 29. @ de. 11:19 
never047 eredeti hozzászólása:
it feels like devs aren't putting any effort in getting this greenlit..they should participate more

I agree. Gray Matter is one of my all time fav games, but it does feel like dtp are not really that bothered about their games being on Steam. I say this as I asked a question about Black Mirror (also done by dtp) I also asked questions about Postal 2 (by RWS) and RWS answered quickly and on Steam, where as as dtp nothing.
gusgreco7 2012. nov. 30. @ de. 1:55 
couldnt agree more, only 30 pages of comments when other (of much less quality) games have almost 100
if people saw their greenlight page im sure they would upvote
flo-12 2012. nov. 30. @ du. 12:47 
We have to ask our steam friends to support game
fil 2013. jan. 18. @ de. 11:54 
Yeah come on this game has to be greenlight !
flo-12 2013. febr. 19. @ de. 5:05 
Message signalé "retro".
zatone 2013. márc. 27. @ de. 9:40 
I have no idea this game was here!! I upvoted right away and I am sure many others are not aware of this game waiting to be greenlighted.....
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