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Gray Matter
TinyTim 19 sept 2012 à 0h54
Get this greenlighted!
This looks really good. You can search for the demo if you want to try it out.
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[GoC] Col. Mustard 27 oct 2012 à 18h35 
Indeed. Gray Matter received Runner-Up for 2011 Game of the Year on my blog, Choicest Games :). It's refreshing to see an old-school adventure game with an intriguing story in this day and age. I can't believe this hasn't already been greenlit!

flo-12 8 nov 2012 à 21h19 
i don't understand why this game is not already on steam and directly
flo-12 8 nov 2012 à 21h21 
With this system, i'm afraid there is only action games on steam in the futur. Steam has to support the adventure game of quality like this.
Adam 9 nov 2012 à 15h26 
Yeah. I really hope it will be greenlit soon.
sparkedlight 9 nov 2012 à 16h13 
I am patiently waiting for this game to be greenlighted lol.
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perun.prime 12 nov 2012 à 14h33 
This is amazing game. I will buy as soon as a sale in Steam.
And please add Russian localization/
gusgreco7 22 nov 2012 à 0h42 
because adventure games are popular only in europe and in some countries like germany,france and here in greece
i hope valve people responsible for the selection of greenlit games include some adventure games next time (gray matter and black mirror games would be great)
flo-12 22 nov 2012 à 1h10 
@gusgreco, you are shure of that ? On kickstater, some projects of adventure games are a very big succes (Tim Schaffer, the next " les chevaliers de Baphomet" de Charle Cecil ,Jane Jensen etc). It's not only europeans.
never047 22 nov 2012 à 14h01 
it feels like devs aren't putting any effort in getting this greenlit..they should participate more
Yengoshi 29 nov 2012 à 11h19 
never047 a écrit :
it feels like devs aren't putting any effort in getting this greenlit..they should participate more

I agree. Gray Matter is one of my all time fav games, but it does feel like dtp are not really that bothered about their games being on Steam. I say this as I asked a question about Black Mirror (also done by dtp) I also asked questions about Postal 2 (by RWS) and RWS answered quickly and on Steam, where as as dtp nothing.
gusgreco7 30 nov 2012 à 1h55 
couldnt agree more, only 30 pages of comments when other (of much less quality) games have almost 100
if people saw their greenlight page im sure they would upvote
flo-12 30 nov 2012 à 12h47 
We have to ask our steam friends to support game
fil 18 jan 2013 à 11h54 
Yeah come on this game has to be greenlight !
flo-12 19 fév 2013 à 5h05 
Message signalé "retro".
zatone 27 mar 2013 à 9h40 
I have no idea this game was here!! I upvoted right away and I am sure many others are not aware of this game waiting to be greenlighted.....
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