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Gray Matter
What took you so long?
Game has been greenlighted long time ago. Why we still not see it on STEAM?
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I think not enough votes
look up man.
Sory, then I don't now
bourne 2013年10月17日 21時08分 
I think in the next month, like 16th or 18th
Why you so sure?
Yeas Why?
bourne 2013年10月18日 13時45分 
I have inside information
Really? just lol.
Motoki 2013年10月19日 8時12分 
bourne の投稿を引用:
I have inside information :hoxton:

Oh that sounds real official and reliable.
I'm still waiting for this game....zzzzzzz
Guybrush Threepwood の投稿を引用:
I'm still waiting for this game....zzzzzzz
I'v to
will have czech subtitles? in stone shop is czech version
Novinka 2013年11月21日 10時02分 
Also waiting :)
Cmon, why don't you release it?
J3ster 2013年12月8日 10時02分 
I want this game released so badly. (I know DTP went bankrupt, so what? i still want the game) Is there any chance that we will get it on Steam?
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