Tato hra je nyní dostupná ve službě Steam!

Děkujeme za vaši pomoc, díky které byla tato hra vybrána pro distribuci ve službě Steam. Více informací a odkaz na stránku hry v obchodě lze nalézt níže.

What gamemodes are coming to this game?
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TDM, DM; Onslaught (wave survivng against monsters etc.), meteor survivial [raining meteors halle luja!), spleef and maybe more is coming I don't know, but those gamemodes this game has right now
Dont forget Race! Hoverbikes, weapon pickups, and checkpoints galore! Also CTF, Lava survival (last one living against rising lava wins), Seige mode (first to build a trebuche wins).
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Zobrazeno 14 z 4 komentářů
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