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Arpegius 2012. nov. 10. @ de. 1:52
Who wants Dead Trigger multiplayer?
Hi Madfinger Games, I must say, your games are awesome, no lagging at all, with great graphics and gameplay. But something is missing there. Multiplayer. Me and my friends all think Dead Trigger, Shadowgun, Samurai are great games, but we can't play multiplayer. Do you think you can add it there someday?
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klausN<3 #DanceForParis 2012. nov. 10. @ de. 4:23 
This game is really more great cooperation even see MMO ! I think is a good idea !
You 2012. nov. 10. @ du. 2:28 
Well I would only play it if it was multiplayer
seductionodman 2012. nov. 11. @ de. 1:39 
i want miltiplayer!
Valraven 2012. nov. 12. @ de. 8:21 
Multiplayer would make it really awesome.
Xander99 2012. nov. 15. @ du. 4:34 
Multiplayer would probably get more attention and it would be fun playing with your frieds on atleast 4-8 player co-op or zombies Vs. Humans
random 2012. nov. 22. @ de. 5:21 
MP with 4-8 peeps sounds good, but don't we already have Tripwire's Killing Floor
Sentimental'niy Pomidor 2012. nov. 24. @ de. 9:53 
I think Co-op will be cool. But after add co-op in game this game will be Left For dead 2/3 :D
CO-OP need in Mobile game !!! It will be cool.
crapshoot 2012. nov. 28. @ du. 2:21 
co-opp would be excellent but pvp multiplayer might also work. because maybe like dead space 2 zombies can see their health. and you could be able to chose your zombie type and upgrade it. as a zombie you might also decide where to spawn.
*EGN*Hunt3r 2012. nov. 28. @ du. 9:49 
it it get coop and pvp I'll vote for it cause I'm a coop person and love it like l4d2 and kf amongst others!!
| The Cook 2012. nov. 29. @ de. 4:57 
it really would be cool to have MULTIPLAYER...
.ᴍѻԌᵁ ᴍѻԌᵁ` 2012. dec. 5. @ du. 1:31 
I would definitely buy it if it was like 2 - 4 player co-op =D
nuaimi 2012. dec. 6. @ de. 4:04 
Ezio Auditore eredeti hozzászólása:
I would definitely buy it if it was like 2 - 4 player co-op =D
this game is free
MisterOwl 2012. dec. 6. @ du. 5:51 
For iphone but they are considering it lauch the game on windows and mac on steam so i guess you would have to pay for it and i'll buy it defenitely IF, There's a co-op Multiplayer From 2 to 4 players and a single player campaign with more scenarios and guns :)
Nuclear Winter 2012. dec. 8. @ du. 2:40 
It's free on Android, also multiplayer would make this much more fun! It still could use improvement though. It's trying to be a modern game, which is great! Only, this is PC, and not smartphones, the text boxes should be replaced with cutscenes, or there should at least be some voice acting. Also, the UI would have to change. I have this on my phone, and it is great, but I'd like to see some PC footage. They're using Unity, how hard can porting be? It's one of the easiest engines to port with.
Wobbleboo 2012. dec. 8. @ du. 8:00 
Adding Multiplayer means making bigger maps.. hopefully they can handle that.
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