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Niiya Feb 3, 2014 @ 7:08am
Loads of fun but cash store seems greedy
I've played around 10 hours of this so far after buying a starter package which grants you licences to shoot whatever you want for X amount of months as well as some extra weapons and consumables.

The scenery is beautiful as are the sounds, animals behave quite realistically and the mechanics are solid.

I don't think the cash store model really does the game justice though. They could have made a lot of the gear and weapons unlockable or buyable with in game earned currency, which you earn from completing a series of challenges. As it stands all you can buy with your in-game earned currency is small consumable convenience items and lisences to hunt different types of game for so many days.

I can't help but get the feeling this is backwards from the standard "free to play" model because they usually charge for convenience items and don't limit core gameplay and variety items so much. Some of the challenges even require a gun you have to pay real money to unlock.

From a gamer's perspective I worry how long this game will hold my attention with so few goals to strive for. Why am I hunting these animals? What's driving me to improve my hunting skill? The only "unlockable" reward I've found so far is a holster for your pistols which allows you to carry a pistol as well as the standard two weapons. The level required to unlock it is 600, after 10 or so hours I'm at level 15.

Then there's the subscription models. They're charging around $45 for a year's subscription. Which grants you licences to hunt any game you want for that time period. If you compare this to an MMO it seems very reasonable, but when you realise this game runs on local hosted servers and is only up to 8 players per server it seems they want $45 for you to use their website and matchmaking server per year.

All of this comes off as pretty greedy in my opinion and I would imagine that many people who would really enjoy this game are going to be put off by the cash store and how most of the inventory can't be unlocked through gameplay.

It strikes me as a shame because I really enjoy playing it so far, I just hope the limited equipment I have (and can justify buying) will sustain my interest.
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KingNigelFarage Feb 3, 2014 @ 9:11am 
look i agree with you that the prices are high, but you have to remember that this is a niche title with a smaller community, there for prices will be higher, i play many niche titles vrc-pro an rc game and iracing sim racing game, the people that play these games are alot smaller in number and to continue development prices are higher, thats just a fact of life. in some ways you should just be thankful that theres games like the hunter out there, because big publishers wouldnt touch games like the hunter, it will never be as big as something like dayz. btw theres other unlockables at level 60, plus tons of challanges, you need to press the hunt now button and go to missions, theres tons to do.
deadlydodo Feb 4, 2014 @ 7:18am 
The hunter is an expensive game especially as prices have gotten higher and you get less in some ways for the membership price; which has never changed. There used to be fewer islands and animals but you also got the pump action shotgun and the .357 with any memberships. Multiplayer is a very recent addition as are unlocks and the like.

The missions are setup purely to encourage people to buy stuff. I advise you ignore them. Motivation to play is also up to the individual, it is more in the sandbox style which not all games have.

I would advise you pay as little as possible and only get what you need. It is not for everyone as a game or how it is priced.
KingNigelFarage Feb 7, 2014 @ 1:46pm 
look, its a huge undertaking to make a game like the hunter, and it is an ongoing project offering more and more, they just took on 3 more devs to continue delelopment and create more areas to hunt and new species. you are as much paying for the future of the game as you are paying for the game it is now. if you want a boxed game with no updates and no new content buy cabala hunting game.
Rusty79 Feb 8, 2014 @ 7:02am 
@OP, This is what i've been saying to my online buddies since I started playing this game.

In particular, I wanna point out again that, compared to something like Warthunder or Eve Online, they provide servers.
MP is nice, but then introduce much bigger maps on dedicated servers where huting alongside other people wont mess with your hunt. Especially considering that having someone else's rifle going within range of your prey will scare them off. When you consider how much time it would have taken to track them without P2W lures (ie, urine spray with LIMITED uses and callers, that have to be payed for in em$, ie premium currency). Or, have your host suddenly decide that he/she has to go forcing you to abondon your hunt.

All I can say is that if you want to enjoy this game, be prepared to pay not just the basic package but for additional rifles, scopes and lures, oh dont forget the backpack and the tent. All of which will cost you about 20-30 USD over and above any subscription.
If you want to finish the missions, you will need all their weapons and gadgets, impossible to do without all extra expenditure.

If this game gets introduced on Steam, I would certainly hope that they negotiate a much better deal for native steam users. ie, $19.99 for a 30 Sub incl. licences to hunt all the animals on Logger's Point with a Shotgun + Rifle.

To go from there, they should make it possible to have a limited!!! selection of weapons that can be paid for with in-game earned currency (gm$) and have the rest considered to be premium stuff, available through em$ and incl vanity items to motivate those purchases.

And if they dont, DONT PUT IT ON STEAM.
Animal Feb 12, 2014 @ 11:57am 
theHunter is a serious game for serious gamers...who like hunting. Thats a very niche demo. Serious games are often expensive and very time intensive. Making them not very much fun for non-niche gamers.

theHunter is not a game for everyone. We do not want everyone to want to play it. It's kinda like a country club. Country clubs cost alot of money to be a member. Gamers that complain about the cost should play something else.

theHunter is kinda like WoT or War Thunder. If you want to actually play the game? You gonna have to pay for it.

Me = rl hunter, serious gamer, willing to pay for a game

You = whiney broke♥♥♥♥♥kid we dont want to share our game with.

Rusty79 Feb 13, 2014 @ 2:59am 
First of all, you use the word niche alot. STOP IT!

Second, If im so broke why I have spent $60 dollars on it? If im so broke why am I getting to charter RL helicopters every other day while doing my pilots licence? Money isn't the issue.

Dont confuse this game with any other, forget the genre and what experience this particular game is trying to create. If you compare to other games and looks at what they offer then yes, I stand by what i've said, and others incl the OP. The game is at times 'too' pricey. Hell you even have to pay to unlock the missions by paying the equiv of $8, ie you have to pay to play again, WHUT?!

I've also spent my fair shair of $ on Warthunder, awesome game, note how they allow you to use Silver Lions to some degree in the game which is actually useful? and actually provide servers? Bro your exlusive niche country club for non-niche gamers technically doesn't have a 'clubhouse'

Your argument doesnt make any sense, you'd rather be exploited but thats fine because,
You = fanboy, bought all the rifles on your dad's credit card.
Me = theHunter fanboy, but totally averse to being exploited

Other than the being alarmed as a conscious consumer, i'm loving the game and actively trying to get friends to look it because it's such a unique genre. I'm very much appreciative of what EW has produced.
Niiya Feb 13, 2014 @ 7:33am 
"Other than the being alarmed as a conscious consumer, i'm loving the game and actively trying to get friends to look it because it's such a unique genre. I'm very much appreciative of what EW has produced." - This is what I was getting at with my first post.

My point is that the game could be far more popular and the developers could make more money by providing better value for money. Most of the friends I've tried to introduce to the game have been put off by the cost and not the style of gameplay.

Treating an online game as an exclusive club for people with money to waste is just plain silly. It's not in the best interest of the developer or the game's community. If you don't want to play with people then you still have options to set up private games anyway.

Please don't throw names at each other, this is a "discussion" board, not an arena for bad-mouthing.
Nero Mar 26, 2014 @ 1:42pm 
if you dont want to throw money in just earn em's by completing adds
when u r ambitious enough you can get quite a lot of serious equip without using money
King Scuba May 8, 2014 @ 12:52am 
the cash shop is a bit greedy tbh. subscription model aside, I actually did a bit of adding up stuff..

Not including Ammo, items, or other little useless things, you would need to gain about 26,000 em$ to purchase everything in the cash shop.... This equals about 230 USD.

You can knock it down to about 200 USD probably to get most everything, but still, that's a pretty big penny if you ask me.

It would seem to get even higher in price, since it seems you have to purchase ammo for special guns through the cash shop as well (I'm not 100% sure about this, since I haven't played this game for a couple years, and haven't bought the trailblazer pack or anything.)

I'm hoping that after it partners up with steam, it gets a good launch and they offer a full game type release, where they give you at least 95% access to the game for about 60 usd.

The model right now makes you spend 5 bucks a month if you get trailblazer, and then 3.75 a month afterwards if you get the 12 month.
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