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Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Corrino 25 nov 2012 à 0h26
Supported platforms?
Do you have any plans to release the game to other platforms (Mac, Linux)?
The game looks really fantastic and I'd love to play it on my Mac.
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Snowbird Games  [développeur] 28 nov 2012 à 2h02 
Yeah, we do wish to release it for Mac, but that'll be possible only after the initial release :)
Dernière modification de Snowbird Games; 28 nov 2012 à 23h37
zcbeaton 30 nov 2012 à 3h31 
No plans for Linux, then?
Snowbird Games  [développeur] 30 nov 2012 à 4h30 
Not for now, unfortunately.
Xaares 8 déc 2012 à 9h20 
Too bad. :/
PUN 16 déc 2012 à 2h10 
Too bad x2
athelasloraiel 16 mar 2013 à 6h04 
Mac is a great idea....when working I do want to have a chance to have fun occasionaly!
Corrino 22 juil 2014 à 14h16 
It's been a while. Have you decided not to do a Mac version?
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