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Eador. Masters of the Broken World
athelasloraiel 14. loka, 2012 4.53
Status of the game?
When is it coming, or how much did it collect on Greenlight? I really love the concept art and play as shown in trailers.
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Snowbird Games  [kehittäjä] 15. loka, 2012 9.17 
Hi there,

we are going to release the game early next year - right now we do our best in polishing, balance testing and bugfixing. Anyway, it's useless to release a turn-based strategy at the very same time with XCOM steamroller attack.
athelasloraiel 16. loka, 2012 11.47 
I totally agree, I would just love to have you on Steam, even if preorde means early beta or whatever....
tetrasodium 28. loka, 2012 10.07 
I agree that releasing now with tbs fans & future converts still chewing on xcom after so many years of dissapointing half hearted tbs games "phoned in" is probably s bad idea.
When I saw the fact that it mentioned being a tbs game on the greenlight list, I clicked on it not expecting much (tbs games kinda got pushed aside by the industry years ago when we started getting 40 FPSQuake/CoDclones/year).

Ihe thing that really got my attention most was the video managing to answer most of my "yea that's great but will we be able to... or will it matter that/if.." as it goes on into detail about more & more different aspects of the game to make me grin. So keep up the good work & best of luck.
athelasloraiel 28. loka, 2012 10.39 
as well as there is fallen enchantress by stardock now.
How about preorder for us enthusiasts?(and beta access?)
Snowbird Games  [kehittäjä] 30. loka, 2012 8.44 
@athelasloraiel Absolutely, just bear with us for a while, okay?)
Docnessuno 31. loka, 2012 10.51 
Looks incredibly promising, if you ever need a beta tester (with a boardgame design background), feel free to contact me.
athelasloraiel 31. loka, 2012 11.36 
stardock made it great by giving preorderers a beta access. we posted so many thins as corrections and suggestions therer is enough for 5 dlcs...
Player of Games 7. marras, 2012 15.31 
Will there be a mapeditor and mod support?
ignis[ru] 18. marras, 2012 14.23 
Player of Games lähetti viestin:
Will there be a mapeditor and mod support?
Map editor - almost sure no. Maps would be randomly generated.
athelasloraiel 19. marras, 2012 10.44 
modding? MP? hows work going on? preorders on steam?beta access?
Vault boy 21. marras, 2012 3.19 
Super game!!!!
Ryche 26. joulu, 2012 8.33 
Looking forword To this. Take your time and make it a great game!
athelasloraiel 28. joulu, 2012 4.51 
how far are you guys?
Nitz 30. tammi, 2013 10.05 
How much will this game cost?
athelasloraiel 30. tammi, 2013 12.33 
below 25$ should be expected.I hope they will get us preorder beta access....
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