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Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Snowbird Games  [Fejlesztő] 2012. szept. 19. @ de. 9:35
Trailer #3 - possible agenda (?)
Hi there,

with our third trailer we gonna diva into a tactical battle and explain how Eador's battle mechanic works, why stamina is more important than morale and what is the idea of 'veteran units' concept. Probably, you may have another topic for us or something you want to add to this trailer - please share you thoughts with us.
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Shad0WeN 2012. szept. 19. @ de. 9:58 
cool, looking forward to it!
Ermilalex 2012. szept. 19. @ de. 10:11 
May be, you'll show us different hero classes in the next trailer?
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Minuteman 2012. szept. 19. @ de. 10:21 
showing the strengths and weaknesses of the various races would be interesting, or some
spells and special skills.
Also how heroes can be developed/leveled up and what stuff they can learn (like talents etc)
Shad0WeN 2012. szept. 19. @ du. 1:14 
I would like to see something on the types of resources, their acquisition, their role in the game and how management works.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Shad0WeN; 2012. szept. 20. @ de. 1:20
Winnihym 2012. szept. 20. @ de. 4:40 
I second Shadowen's vote; a video going into how the economy of the game is managed, and what resources you have to work with would be good. Also, one about your particular game mechanic that emphasizes collection of shards to gain buildings/spells would be good. Thanks!
do_i_ob 2012. szept. 22. @ du. 7:31 
If there is any form of magic show that too, also show off the hero's and there ability's
Snowbird Games  [Fejlesztő] 2012. okt. 19. @ de. 3:50 
aaaand it's finally released. Check it out somewhere on the game's page)
killmefool 2012. nov. 16. @ de. 8:41 
The game looks like it will be a complex and detail game.
I hope there is more content in the strategy map when exploring a tile maybe something more than just finding Different a random resource i.e. find a giant spider cave have a option to battle gain X item/resource or come back to it later , triggering an event or quest (like gain hero/ spells/buff) that may or may not have a time limit, or even something game changing like adds a 3ed player
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