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Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Snowbird Games  [kehittäjä] 19. syys, 2012 0.53
Your favorite turn-based strategy of all time
Let's test this new Steam Greenlight discussions feature.
What is your favorite turn-based strategy of all time?

Here in Snowbird, we're huge fans of Sid Meier's Civilization, so our collective vote goes for this legendary series. What about you, stranger?
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Svante  [kehittäjä] 19. syys, 2012 1.25 
My personal TOP-3 will include:
1) Civilization III: Conquests - yep, it's kinda outdated, but still
2) Heroes of Might and Magic 3.5: In the Wake of Gods
3) I'm not sure, is it allowed to count Total War series? If yes, Medieval 1 Total War, please

I look like an old fart, don't I? Well, I should say I play Civ5 Gods & Kings a lot :)
Ermilalex 19. syys, 2012 2.36 
Oh, that's a difficult question... My top 3:
1)Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword
2)Heroes of Might&Magic IV / Eador: Genesis
3)Chess :)
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Bad Luck and Get Bored 19. syys, 2012 5.08 
1. Heroes 1-3
2. Civilization 1-4
3. Xcom 1-2
Gargona 19. syys, 2012 6.48 
Disciples 1-2
djekna 19. syys, 2012 8.41 
1) Heroes 2 and 3
2) Civilization 1-3
3) Panzer General II
Shad0WeN 19. syys, 2012 10.04 
  • Heroes of Might and Magic 2 & 3 (plus their expansion packs)
  • King's Bounty series
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SmthngWcked 19. syys, 2012 14.35 
Civilization series!! is my favorite.. never got to try any of the heros games :( wanted to try the latest one but haven't gotten around to it yet... damn backlog is too huge lol
Imper1um 19. syys, 2012 14.52 
What do you guys think of Heroes 6?
Meteorverse 19. syys, 2012 16.31 
My fav would have to be Xcom: UFO Defense
Shad0WeN 19. syys, 2012 17.13 
Imper1um lähetti viestin:
What do you guys think of Heroes 6?

Heroes VI has been a disaster since it's release almost a year ago. Partly because of Ubisoft's 'Uplay' online DRM system that you are forced to use, which from numerous reports has been unreliable, resulting in very frustrating experiences for legitimate users. Recent news[www.celestialheavens.com] suggests that Ubisoft may be removing it altogether. It's too late if you ask me though. The other part of it is that the game was basically rushed out the door before it was really complete or ready, and what fans got was a complete buggy mess and with features missing (not to mention that an entire faction that was planned was removed). Issues, that to this day, the game is still plagued by, and many of which have yet to be fixed (almost a year later!). If you are curious you can read this recent review[www.celestialheavens.com] from a few weeks ago, that reflects upon pretty much the state of the game as it is now.
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valamelkor 20. syys, 2012 3.12 
1. Master Of Magic
2. Master of Orion 1-2
3. Classic X-COM
and comming Fallen Enchantress fromn Stardock

Eador has a bit different focus but fantastic.
avanto1st 20. syys, 2012 11.01 
HOMM3, UFO Enemy Unknown, King's Bounty: Legend
Серёга 20. syys, 2012 21.51 
2) Total War: Shogun 2 :D (strategic mode is turn-based)
3) Disciples II
4) Age of Wonders II: Shadow Magic
Snowbird Games  [kehittäjä] 21. syys, 2012 9.18 
We want to clarify why we ask you about your favorite games. So the next question will be what you dislike in those games. We cannot do any global changes in our gameplay - and frankly we do not want to do it, ha! - but it's better know the things that annoy people in TBS strategies.
Ermilalex 21. syys, 2012 11.07 
It's annoying, that in HoMM you can't create an alliance with anyone; you are always fighting with everyone.
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