Questo gioco è stato approvato dalla Comunità!

La comunità ha mostrato il suo interesse per questo gioco. Valve si sta accordando con lo sviluppatore per il rilascio su Steam.

greenlight this!
this... looks... epic!!!!
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FREE LIVES GAMES  [sviluppatore] 23 ott 2012, ore 8:04 
Brrrooofooorrce! ♥♥♥♥ Yeah!

That's really awesome editing! Thanks for posting! That's the feeling we're trying to get!
Ultima modifica da FREE LIVES GAMES; 23 ott 2012, ore 8:05
Game looks awesome. I have seen it on "Indie for Breakfast".

The name totally reminds me of this:
(Doesn't let me link to the right time. Just skip to 6:27 for "Brogamers".)
Ultima modifica da Xodan Rot; 6 feb 2013, ore 14:23
funny that later some time the video i said a link to up there was taken down caus "youtubes policy on violence".. which is odd cuz ive seen worse... must have been all the explosions >.> lol
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