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Shaz  [geliştirici] 5 Ağu 2013 @ 9:15am
Questions relating to Broforce - post them here! Pre-orders FAQ can be found here: http://www.freelives.net/BROFORCE/PREORDER/Pre-Order_FAQ.html
En son Shaz tarafından düzenlendi; 5 Ağu 2013 @ 9:18am
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i have bought broforce $15 for sometime already.
i have recently stumbled upon what u wrote, about drm-free*, that it requires and account to use online features?

If i wanted to download content from user created maps, do i need an account?
Do i need an account to play online?

Because if i do need an account to download content from others, i would not have bought the $15 tier. Just want a confirmation from u thx

dont want to be restricted by account base drm, and hope it does not require a login to play online too.. else i will ask for a refund.
i am aware that leaderboards, rating others created content requires an account and i am fine without it.
En son bun tarafından düzenlendi; 16 Ağu 2013 @ 2:17am
no replies?
these days pple call their games drm-free but they minus features,
while they add drm to their online features and still call it drm-free because it can be played offline.

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Shaz  [geliştirici] 22 Ağu 2013 @ 4:52am 
Hey Bun,

Sorry for the delay in replying. As we explain in our Pre-Orders FAQ, some of the online features of broforce will require an account, such as storing your own levels on the cloud, recording times on our leaderboards, and rating other user-made levels. The purpose of this is not to restrict anyone, but to ensure that players have the best online experience possible.

Playing single player campaigns, local multiplayer, level editing and everything else will work regardless of whether you have an account or an internet connection.
Hi Shaz!

I couldn't find any other way to contact you, and it wasn't covered in the FAQ so I found these forums and this nifty discussion topic.

I am seeking permission to review the game BROFORCE on my upcoming Youtube Channel PASTELTICHAN - which has admittedly only just started, I can provide you a link via email or personal correspondence upon request if you are interested.

(I believe it is polite not to link my own channel on a discussion thread for your game)

The review will be a short 2-8 minute video of me, discussing the game, then showing footage of me playing the game with a commentary, then rounding off with me discussing the points of the game I enjoyed, when and where it is available along with the cost of the game. Links to purchase the game would be provided in the description below.

Good luck with the game, it is amazing so far!

Best Regards~
Shaz tarafından gönderilen ileti:
Hey Bun,

some of the online features of broforce will require an account, such as storing your own levels on the cloud, recording times on our leaderboards, and rating other user-made levels.

so online play or downloading player's maps requires account??

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punkweazel  [geliştirici] 26 Ağu 2013 @ 5:52am 
Yes. Like a steam account for example. We haven't gotten so far as deciding exactly how these systems will work.
raithza  [geliştirici] 26 Ağu 2013 @ 5:59am 
@PastelTichan : you don't need our permission, do as you like :)

@bun: Anything that requires bandwidth on our side will need an account. Nothing will be needlessly restricted but we are not going to cover hosting costs for pirates. If for some reason someone's account isn't functioning they will at the very least be able to download a level to their harddrive from a third party site and play the level like that, but not from the in-game level sharing. We will check what happens to our hosting if we allow everyone to download maps, if it holds up we won't even restrict that. Uploading, rating, and competing will always require an account to prevent abuse.

Our current networking solution requires us to license it according to concurrent users online, which means that the more players there are, the more it'll cost (hence also splitting the beta into two groups). If we stay with that solution, we'd have to limit online play to account holders only, but we are want to move to another solution, which will allow direct connections to anyone, and for people without accounts to play online.

I hope this policy is fair, considering that any game is pirated 10 times more than it is bought, it's not realistic for us to provide hosting for non-account holders. We'd never restrict anything that feasibly COULD work without an internet connection. At the same time, we're trying to better understand player's desires for DRM-freeness, if you have an account why would you be upset if you are required to use it to connect to our servers and download a map?
If i have to use an account for every game in future tht adopts this system. it will be a massive headache to keep accounts and passwords, unless yr logining account is just a cd key, activate once for online usage.

Since its advertised as DRM-FREE, i hope that it is less restrictive and do not ask for an EMAIL or personal info for account, to use the online features. This is UNACCEPTABLE!

A Cdkey to check and access yr online features will be acceptable, if i want to use its online features like user created maps..etc

Direct IP connection is a must without restrictions because, at least i can have the option to connect online still without being checked since i bought a drm-free game.

If games become too restrictive, people may rather pirate games and more buyers may turn to pirates

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raithza  [geliştirici] 26 Ağu 2013 @ 9:45am 

Doesn't steam require an email account?

Is a reserved user name for online access a bad thing? I like it if my online identity in a game is maintained. e.g. if I upload a level it should have my name next to it, without someone else just being able to upload a level with that same name?

Again: We really, really want the game to be as open and accessible as possible, while providing a quality service. If we didn't believe requiring a login for online content would improve user experience, we wouldn't do it.
I use steam for its services and chat.
Its like msn or google chat to me with games updates and latest news.
Its a cool platform but i rather not run it and login to play the games i owned.
Steam has offline-mode, but it bug, and useless as it requires to login again after a period.
That is where drm-free games come.

I have since support drm-free games. something that doesnt check on u or personal email stuff,
just to play the game u own.

Maybe yr not targeting people like me who want their games for themselves and with their friends for ip direct. I am aware that yr doing account thingy for the social and community for yr game. Its great for many others but u lose support from many others too. i would still buy yr game because its really good.
But i regret buying the $15 tier because i dont want to have an account to use the features.
like i said cd key is fine.
Can u downgrad my tier to $10 and refund $5. i am so sure i wouldnt create an account.

En son bun tarafından düzenlendi; 26 Ağu 2013 @ 10:11am
Just preordered the game. I read through the FAQ but wanted to clarify.
The browser version is a public alpha and those who pre-ordered haven't gotten a beta or anything like that yet, right?
I would hardly call a cloud storage login 'DRM'. it's just how things work these days.
take for example minecraft, it started out a simple sandbox game in browser without needing a login. but now it does. they are doing just fine. :)

anyway I have some proper questions:

I like that it works straight away with the xbox controller but do you think it would it be possible to have an option for allowing separate buttons for climb ladders or for jumping or would this be too much of a no-no due to a retro rule of only having 2 buttons and directional pad.? it's fine for keyboards the way it is, but on pad, not as nice feeling.

I've had a long time theory that all the best games have palm trees, and this proves me right yet again, I really like that they are animated, will they be worked on further than in the brototype? maybe made destructable/burnable? TIMBERRRRR!

what is your thoughts on cheat codes (single player of course), and will there be any kind of protection against it?

how much percentage-wise would you estimate the game's development is at now?

do any of you actually own a Jacuzzi yet? lol
Shaz  [geliştirici] 13 Eyl 2013 @ 7:35am 
Hey Miciah,

Jump and climb ladder should be separate on a gamepad. Maybe try playing with the dpad?

Cool suggestion with the palm trees - we definitely are working on more of this kind of thing.

Broforce may or may not already have cheat codes.... ;)

Percentage wise....you know asking a developer how far along their game is, is like asking a lady her age? ;P Its a really difficult metric to measure. We're happy with the core gameplay, but we've only got about 10% of the content we want, and we intend including some complicated features like Online Multiplayer which is hard to predict.

Sadly, no, none of own a jacuzzi yet. :P

Thanks for the support!

Boy... with 90% more content to look forward to, even half that would be a bargain for the price. just pre-ordered it on that alone. totally looking forward to this.
oh yeah. I do have another question about the sound effects, (probably my favorite thing about the game) they're epic. love the nice beefy explosions, and all of the vocals, specially the hilarious screams, you won't be changing those too much I hope? some are pretty iconic.
my favorites, the wilhelm, the "homer" and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4gY0hxYUTs
and player characters from other games, is that a possibility or too blatant? like in a few other games where it was mostly indy devs' characters having appearances amongst them. although, you had the foresight to BRO-ify their names, so you could probably do it, right? fair use for parody purposes anyway isn't it? like Gordon BROman and his BRObar for example. hehe.
and what about heroines? that seems to be something a lot of people are curious about, maybe the prefix of SHE instead of BRO? like this http://i.imgur.com/KLb79lc.gif
En son Miciah tarafından düzenlendi; 14 Eyl 2013 @ 12:06pm
U guys should put a hardcore mode in a.k.a Contra style 3 lives only throughout the whole game
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