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Cherish 2013. júl. 26. @ de. 2:26
Difficulty levels?
Will there be difficulty levels in the game like easy/normal/hard or is the brototype a begginer stage and it gets harder with more levels?

I completed the brototype in Singleplayer and found it really easy so I hope there are harder levels coming soon. I also tried Coop and the bosses became too easy to kill since theres no hp scaling with more players.

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raithza  [Fejlesztő] 2013. júl. 26. @ de. 4:46 
There will be super-extra-hard challenge levels and campaigns.
Cherish 2013. júl. 26. @ de. 5:00 
raithza eredeti hozzászólása:
There will be super-extra-hard challenge levels and campaigns.

That's good to know. Just preordered!
HNutter (Freshly Unboxed) 2013. júl. 31. @ du. 9:29 
There should be some sort of difficulty difference, but idk how theyll do it when everything is a 1HKO
Wonderland 2013. aug. 6. @ de. 2:33 
It would most likly be the AI not taking as long to shoot at you or them being able to see you sooner. Being able to toggle if your own weapons explosions could damage you.
Cherish 2013. aug. 7. @ de. 6:45 
Not everything is 1HKO. The tank, miniboss and final boss needs more than 1 hit to kill. So if theres a difficulty level, they could just raise their hp for harder enemies.
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