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mirage27 9 juin 2013 à 11h51
PC, MAC, maybe LINUX ?
actuallly, i need to use wine with the offline alpha version . it work perfectly but if your release work on steam, i don't want to install a second steam on my computer just for one game . if you develop a linux version, you can be sure i will buy your game .
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Jetpck~ 1 juil 2013 à 8h21 
I'm agree with you. This game needs a LINUX version too, even if it's added later!
Minty-Linux 9 juil 2013 à 0h22 
Yes i would def want this on Linux. I will buy this game if it is released for Linux. +1 for Linux support please!
raithza  [développeur] 9 juil 2013 à 4h41 
We will definitely have a Linux and Mac version available on release.
NamTaey 13 juil 2013 à 17h56 
raithza a écrit :
We will definitely have a Linux and Mac version available on release.
Here, have some internets :D
nefarita 14 juil 2013 à 4h11 
Linux = Instabuy!

Thanks Raithza.
[Linux] Prasselpikachu 15 juil 2013 à 14h09 
Yay, Linux!
[LINUX] Liam 23 juil 2013 à 12h38 
Thank you for saying you will do a Linux version on release, nothing worse than waiting months after a release for a Linux version!
shmoogin 24 juil 2013 à 16h59 
DomDom 25 juil 2013 à 4h22 
Day 1 buy for me then if there's a mac version!
Bardamu 16 fév à 4h01 
Will buy Linux version as soon as beta is on Steam. Last news say march 2014.
yene F*AWESOME 20 fév à 10h59 
I cant wait to play this with my BRO on my SteamBox!
blackangel153 22 fév à 18h45 
Please, add this for ouya too! This kind of couch co-op is perfect for it!
kwahoo 23 fév à 9h44 
I'm concerned a bit. Devolver page shows only "PC/Mac", Humble Store same. Is Linux version still planed?
fernj 11 avr à 16h27 
I waiting for linux-steamos support!, thanks!!!
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