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Interstellar Marines
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Bozar  [developer] Mar 29, 2013 @ 5:35am
Deadlock 0.4.11 - We need your feedback
Deadlock version 0.4.11 is online and available to all Spearheads, Frontliners and Vanguards. This version continues our commitment to Open Door Development which provides access to Deadlock, while it's being developed. Remember that you can get access to Deadlock and help speed-up the development of Interstellar Marines by upgrading to Spearhead, Frontliner or Vanguard in our store:

Click here to access Deadlock 0.4.11[]

Mission summary
In light of last weekend's successful community event we decided to make a small update that addressed some of all the feedback we received.
The main highlight is the ability to switch teams during a short countdown on each map, just before the round begins. This makes it easier to setup the desired teams before a round commences.
The teams will be remembered from map to map. We also made some improvements to the spawning on each map and fixed the collision problems with the marine on steps and objects on Arch. Other improvements include better names over head, skippable ODD warning and squashing of old weapon/ammo bugs.
As always, please give us your unfiltered feedback and suggestions in the

New features

- Team Deathmatch: Added team switching in a countdown period before the map begins (press [X] to switch team)


- TDM: Updated the team assignment on map start so the teams from previous map are remembered

- TDM: Updated the team deathmatch points on all maps

- TDM: Updated sorting of names on scoreboards so they are now ordered by kills and then names (if equal kills)

- Audio: Added a minimum time the smg firing sound will play before stopping

- Graphics: Disabled all decals until we get a proper decal system running

- ODD: Updated the ODD warning so it's now skippable by pressing any key

- UI: Updated names over teammates to use the team color and hide when 25m away (no fading)

- UI: Added icon over head on teammates

- UI: Added drop shadows on names and icons over teammates (makes them stand out a bit more on non-contrast backgrounds)

- Map: Added collisions to trees on Arch

- Weapon: Fixed "you can fire into negative ammo on playground"

- Weapon: Fixed "triple-clicking the fire button will trick the server into firing all your bullets"

- Marine: Fixed the marine step collision problems by temporarily reverting the marine back to the old scale

- UI: Fixed "the Chat and Names UI will fade weirdly when taking damage"

- UI: Fixed "you can see your own name over head"

- Memory: Fixed material memory leak that caused the game to expand in memory when running for long periods

- Server: Fixed various issues in the server code that caused it to take longer to deploy/start new servers

Known Issues

- The round timer gets out of synchronization when a client experience local OS "lag"

- Sometimes the shootable lights are not synchronized properly for newly connected clients

Key bindings:
- [TAB] or [P]: Settings
- [W]: Run forward
- [S]: Run backward
- [A]: Strafe left
- [D]: Strafe right
- [LMB]: Fire!
- [RMB]: Aim (hold)
- [R]: Reload
- [F]: Flashlight
- [G]: Laser
- [N]: Show names
- [K]: Suicide
- [X]: Switch team (before round begins)
- : UI help
- [T]: Open chat window (press [RETURN] to exit)
- [1-6]: Image effects (on/off is visualized by small dots at the bottom center of the screen)

Maria, Kim, Mikael & Carsten
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