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Pshaeatkilh 2 fév 2013 à 7h23
Any differences with the one already released ?
Hi, I've seen a tests about the free version released of purge made by a french video game tester. I was wondering if you will add some new things into this game, or just a bit more details about the content. I would be interested in the game anyway.
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Eneko  [développeur] 14 fév 2013 à 3h18 
To be honest, our only aim is to publish the game as it is on steam as free to play, due to this project was done at the university, so the game has to be as it is.

Thanks for your comments anyway, and it would be great if someday we could add things to Purge, but nowadays it is a bit complicated.
Pshaeatkilh 14 fév 2013 à 9h13 
Then I hope I'll be able to download your game on steam !
Thank you
<{cTc}>Knave Skye 4 mai 2013 à 14h04 
I have to ask...is it ok for you to release a game with the exact same name as an existing PC game? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purge_(video_game)
Shunk 4 mai 2013 à 14h43 
Maybe you could make another version if this game turns out to be popular and the demand for a paid release becomes evident.
seo is love 4 mai 2013 à 15h12 
I think you should add some "improvement" during the game. As taking the mirror with you, and maybe learning some fighting moves, and ♥♥♥♥ like that. Maybe something like a grappling hook. Just something to vary the gameplay the more you go on with the game
-Silver the Dragon- 12 juin 2013 à 14h23 
This Game is worth to be bought is all i can say respect geep such good work up and we all give a Gogo i hope if were not stupid .
TheNextRenegade 13 mar à 14h26 
post it and if i were you id add some steath takedowns like neck snaps choke etc
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