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Decieving NPC's/ players
Kinda like roleplaying, you could dress up in military armour, use the gun they typically use and other stuff. This could make the NPC imtimidated and affect their decisions like in trading or in a would-be gunfight. I mean it would make sense a NPC who values their life would be scared of a 6ft tall guy in armour wearing a gasmask holding a M4 assault rifle that they would holster their guns and not mess with you. This wouldent have affect on some people or monsters but it would be a neat add on like in " I Am Alive" in which you pull a gun on someone or a group of people and they might back off even if you are bluffing! Some NPC's could go all Sherlock Holmes and say "You're bluffing!" and you fire a gunshot in the air and they instantly give up. This would make the world feel somewhat alive and slight emotions. This would also have an obvious effect on multiplayer, people not knowing your an NPC or not and not wanting to waste bullets on you and going for a hopefully (foolish) easy meele kill not knowing you will pull out a double barreled shotgun at their face and say "This is my boomstick, do not mess with her"
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