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Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils
BMD and C7D Speedrunners, enlighten me.
Just finished the game a while back, and I ended up loving the game despite its huge Excuse Plot.

But now I'm looking into the possibility of speedrunning it. I'm not an expert at speedrunning, but I do have some experience.

Problem is, the difficulty of perfecting every action in this game seems to be higher than most of the games I've tried to speedrun before. Both of my files clock in at 300+ hours due to massive saving.

The hardest game I've speedrun'd before is Devil May Cry 1 on Hard Mode. Didn't really have time to speed run Dante Must Die difficulty :(

So my questions:

1.) What would you advise as the best way to practice speedruns here? Do I simply keep on repeating each room until I get through it flawlessly? Or maybe even sections? I'm going for 100% speedrun and not just a speedrun.

2.) How long did it take you to get that 100% Speedrun achievement? While I'll definitely be satisfied to just simply get the 100% under 1 hour achievement, I'm looking into at least making my time competitive enough to match the other already existing 100% Speedruns.

Any other inputs would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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Miraglyth Sep 24, 2013 @ 5:18pm 
2.) There isn't a 100% in under 1 hour achievement. The 1 hour achievement does not require 100%, which allows for large time savings by ignoring pickups that aren't needed.
Oh is that the case? That'll make stuff a bit easier for that... I guess?

I still want that 100% in under 1 hour though :P
Unless it's practically impossible? But I see people doing just that though...

What about the 2 hour achievement? Does that require 100%?
Miraglyth Sep 25, 2013 @ 6:10pm 
I know there's at least one Youtube video of a guy speedrunning the original game in under an hour, but he does save a small number of times and saves in that cost 1 minute and 20 seconds less than they do in the Rockin' Android localisation.

There are many completion-based achievements, some of which overlap and can be got at the same time. For example if you beat the game in under 2 hours with 100% items, you'll get an achievement for beating it with 100%, another for beating it in under 2 hours, and a third for beating it in under 2 hours with 100%. (And a fourth for beating it at all if it's your first completion, so veterans can build them up fast.)
Dahel Sep 25, 2013 @ 9:15pm 
100% within an hour is definitely possible, even on the US version (which removed some skips), but you have to abuse bunny dolls instead of relying on checkpoints (since they add a lot of time, and dolls count toward the achievement, used or not).

For the practice, I suggest doing the same areas over and over and a few rooms separately (mostly the hard item tooms, like the ones in septentrion or behind the yellow gem).

If you really want to speedrun the game, the japanese version is definitely better as some bosses have less health (I'm talking about you, Vladmu) and you can skip the minibosses of the jade tower, which saves a good chunck of time (and health).
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Nonukez Sep 25, 2013 @ 9:58pm 
It's all about learning the absolute optimal path to go, and the optimal weapon and tactic for each boss battle, as they're all different.
I did a pure speed run (no saving, collecting only necessary items) in 22 minutes, and a 100% speed run in 30. The thing about the 100% speed run is that you MUST save at least once, and AFTER you've gotten 100% of the items; the 100% is only counted on the save and not after beating Chelsey. This sucks, since it adds 90 seconds no matter what you do.
Sure as heck wish I recorded any of it, but I haven't played in months. I'm definitely going to get this on Steam though, so I'll probably record it at some point.

The most difficult part of the speed run has to be the bosses that have randomly selected attack patterns, mainly Chelsey and the miniboss you fight before the flashing guy as well as the flashing guy himself. You can learn everything else in this game and get pretty consistent times, but these random variables are what gets you (though if you're just going for under an hour, it probably won't make much of a difference). Chelsey especially, when the walls close in and she attacks randomly from a set number of patterns; I've taken from 30 seconds to 2 minutes on this part.

As Dahel said, it's also important to use bunny dolls instead of checkpoints. There's no point in collecting them if you're not going to use them. For the pure speed run though, this leads to an interesting problem; since you theoretically don't need ANY bunny dolls as long as you're ungodly good, you can shave off some time not going for them. However, since I've yet to see anyone be able to do this, you have to decide which bunny dolls you will get and which you won't, which will depend on how easy they're to get (some take a literal 2 seconds, while some may take 30), which also means you need to know the map. This will depend on you, since if you're good enough, you can save even more time by not collecting certain bunny dolls, but if you run out of bunny dolls, your run is done.

But yeah, there's some guides and videos out there that show you what works best for each boss, but since this game isn't very popular (yet, hopefully), there won't be much. But there will be enough for you to do under one hour easily. If you'd like, I could upload a video for beating each boss in the game, which would be much less time consuming for me than doing a whole speed run (it takes multiple tries to get a good one!).
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