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The Impossible Game
I'm interested to see and hear what the dev and the fans have to say about this one. Comment what you think is a fair price below!
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Aalonll 1 września 2013 o 9:59 
Alpha268 2 września 2013 o 10:48 
Hmm... Interestring Question. Since it is based on a game for mobile devices, it shouldnt be too much. Although if it has a level-editor it makes this version more powerful than every mobile version. The question is if every song can be used for the editor, and how much power the editor has.
If the editor is powerful, and allows wide-ranged customizations, I'm willing to pay around 5€. If it is not... Probably less.
makbutt1 3 września 2013 o 9:37 
its.jakc 3 września 2013 o 9:55 
I'm willing to pay around 0,80€ - 1,00€
Nymph 4 września 2013 o 7:02 
Shinkyi 5 września 2013 o 9:38 
1-2 euro
S0VIET_RUSSIA 6 września 2013 o 18:19 
Why charge for a flash game, lol
I would pay up to $5 for it.
Antony S. 2M-90 9 września 2013 o 9:12 
I'd say £5.99 is a pretty fair price to pay
m 10 września 2013 o 15:23 
Why charge for a flash game, lol
The words "flash game" pretty much have nothing to do with flash anymore.
Aqua 11 września 2013 o 21:02 
I'm up for 3,99€
76561197967299839 17 września 2013 o 10:41 
$0.5 - $5
MGood. 18 września 2013 o 21:45 
Why charge 5 bucks for a game that costs 1 dollar on the android, iphone, etc?
MGood. 18 września 2013 o 21:46 
I say free. It's just a flash game with 1 simple control.
Kawaiian Pizza 19 września 2013 o 8:53 
It'll probably be $5. Which I'm happy to pay for
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Wyświetlanie 1-15 z 75 komentarzy
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