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Stardew Valley
Szadek 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 9:33
Is this a single- or multiplayer game for you?
Inspired by the topic where somebody is looking for people to play the game with, this question crossed my mind. In no way I want other people to tell how to play a game, I am simply curious.

For me Stardew Valley will be a relaxing singleplayer experience, mostly. A nice relaxing game for calling it a day. Later on I will try out the multiplayer component.
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Benguin 2013. júl. 2. @ de. 10:25 
Casual Multiplayer for me, I think.
YoukaiZone 2013. júl. 3. @ de. 1:05 
I'll probably be playing it at night, so most likely solo for me.
Masters of the Universal Remote 2013. júl. 3. @ de. 6:31 
I dont like people touching my stuff. Gonna go solo.
kyle 2013. júl. 3. @ de. 10:07 
both solo at first then play with some buddys
Hinsonator 2013. júl. 3. @ du. 2:33 
same but i think i will mostly be playing solo
[Ph]Huro 2013. júl. 4. @ du. 8:51 
solo mostly, my friends dont like much this stile of game...
Moon Punisher 2013. júl. 8. @ de. 12:14 
i think no friend of mine would ever get this game , so i will be playing alone.
adeemin 2013. júl. 8. @ de. 4:32 
Likely solo for me. While having many friends into this venue is great but there ain't enough time in the world to play every game out there. Unfortunaley since this is so close to harvest moon not sure who will get into this type of game much. With this as one of the few ones to come out on PC vs Nintendo's DS I'm sure it'll be a hit at least for the first year like most.
Paddy 2013. júl. 9. @ de. 1:42 
I think this game is meant to be played as a Group. Why? Becouse the community that plays this kind of games seems to be nice and friendly... not like some other community´s where people flame and complain all the time. I think everbody can manage to find a Group or at least 1 Player that shares the Timezone and the Time he spends on that game. Im looking forward to try multiplayer from the start of the Game. Its a nice feeling to share what you´ve just learned with other and help out each other while progress ingame. Instead of 1 Vetran leading the new Players.
TodlicherTeddy (✿◠‿◠) 2013. júl. 13. @ du. 12:57 
It's like harvest moon, but with multiplayer support.
I will play it as a multiplayer game.
Clubanimon 2013. júl. 15. @ de. 12:07 
I'd love to play with a few friends, even just one other person be fantastic.
Szadek 2013. júl. 15. @ de. 1:09 
Thinking about it, it could be really nice to relax a friend playing the game while talking via Skype etc.
Siloxis 2013. júl. 15. @ de. 7:07 
Multiplayer, but just with 2 Players (my Wife and me)
NoxiousRaven 2013. aug. 19. @ du. 1:46 
I always wanted to play online, but it will depend on how well the game handles it.
lilacattack 2013. aug. 28. @ de. 11:47 
I will play it mostly single player, but I do want to see what the multiplayer is like.
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115/15 megjegyzés mutatása
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