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Stardew Valley
TsaebehT 12 март 2013 в 9:27 сутринта
Controller Support?
Looks interesting is there going to be controller support in the game?
Последно редактиран от TsaebehT; 18 март 2013 в 10:48 сутринта
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Capitty 14 март 2013 в 10:13 следобед 
Ooo, interesting question. Going to watch this for answers, lol.
KymikoLoco 18 март 2013 в 9:42 сутринта 
I too would like to know if controllers will be supported. As much as I like the point and click aspect, having an option to get back to 'Harvest Moon' roots would be nice.
TsaebehT 18 март 2013 в 10:47 сутринта 
I game from my either my couch or gaming seat, usually in Big Picture mode, on my DLP. So needless to say, the majority of the time I have a wireless 360 controller in my hands.
bdpq 18 март 2013 в 6:38 следобед 
I'd also be interested in gamepad support for the reasons KymikoLoco and TsaebehT mentioned. From the videos so far it looks like the mouse is used a lot.
Wabba 30 март 2013 в 8:30 следобед 
i have a pc gaming controller so that would be a nice feature
Smoy 31 март 2013 в 2:31 следобед 
Controller support would be sweet!!
SixthPzycho 4 април 2013 в 4:29 сутринта 
This will be the determining factor for me.
PoloMorte 13 април 2013 в 8:40 следобед 
i'd like to play with my dear friends keyboard and mouse XD
KymikoLoco 15 април 2013 в 4:17 следобед 
Първоначално публикувано от PoloMorte:
i'd like to play with my dear friends keyboard and mouse XD

This is not a thread saying to replace KB & M control, but an inquiry as to whether or not controllers (Xbox) would be supported.

Since the game looks almost certainly already controlled with KB & M, then it would be quite silly to remove already functioning input, wouldn't you agree?
inferno986return 19 април 2013 в 2:34 следобед 
I would like confirmation too as to controller support for this game.
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