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Stardew Valley
BRONGO Jan 5, 2014 @ 6:29am
Social Media | Tumblr
Yeah I know I just started a discussion sshhhh. Anyway I was just gonna say I own the tumblr url, I was wondering (with the developers permission of course) what would you guys like to see on it, or what would you have me do with it, I'm okay with using it as another way to provide updates, but we could also have fanart on there?

- Copy of my e-mail to the developer -

"Hey, I have been watching Stardew Valley for quite sometime now and it is looking absolutely fantastic thus far yet I noticed your social media reach and obviously as with any indie game it's not the greatest but you've certainly gained some nice interest so far. However, I was wondering; have you looked into reaching into the social media site tumblr? No doubt you have heard of it as it is already huge, it's one of the fastest growing social media sites out there and it is very easy to spread news, updates and pictures about Stardew Valley. I have had the url saved for a while now but I have not decided to do anything with it as of yet due to never formally contacting you, I was wondering whether I could run the tumblr site, putting up the screenshots, developer updates, all that, it would be great for the game to have a central hub on another platform for fans and followers to connect and follow the progress. It would be great to feel as if I am somewhat contributing to the game (besides helping it get greenlit) and this is a way that I thought could be very beneficial to the game.

Hope to hear back from you soon! Best Wishes - Matt"

So yeah, leave your thoughts it'll be nice to get this up and running.