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arthasbg Jun 5, 2013 @ 12:49pm
May 1st. Aka IP restriction.
As some of EU players might have noticed on May 1st KC IP restricted the remaining countries without a warning .. we sort of knew that was going to come sooner or later but at least warn us or something. Over a month and they havent mentioned absolutely nothing about that. EU player are semi-forced to play a game in a language they dont know.. probably the reason all EU servers have very bad population...(GR for example... 3 channels barely even 1 gets in the blue zone while NA has all 8 full at some points). I have no idea how hard would be just to do a simple english translation knowing that there is already an english one over to NA... as far as i know gameforge publishes Tera EU which is in english and german(?). Why they publush only elsword in german and other non international languages? Why publish a game globally in EU if 70%+ of population doesnt speak the language? There should be a rule on steam that all mmos that come should lift the ip restrictions... the least KC could have done is to let the lucky eu players to play ...

Im sure if there is english translation in EU popularity will raise... DRASTICLY... thats probably the reason why many players still play NA instead of EU