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Gen Hunter Jan 18, 2013 @ 9:32am
Elsword is incomplete (Review)

Now some of you may know me and I will say that I like Elsword but I connet stand these poor design chioces and would like to point them out and maybe make a video review if I can get my gosh darn VS Pro 5 working.
Please dont see me wanting this game to die, i merely wish to see improvement.
I dont hate MMO's and Im not saying it should not be but these are things I wish the developers to understand and I wish good for Elsword.
And the Youtube Review will be more detailed but for now lets get some of the "Basics" out of the way.
I am Not a critc im just being very honest.

Lets be honest, whats more fun? Killing a unagressive lizzard for the 100,000th time over and over in a simply layed out and "un-dangerous" level design? OR! Fighting agenst not only smart Ai but the stage design build to trick and kill the player for being absent-minded and have Environment Hazzards trying to hinder the player's play style and forcing them to use they're SMARTS to beat a stage like Megaman games did?
Like in Megaman and Megaman X games Capcom made these games challanging and HARD not because something was too strong or you're not high enough level, its because the way enemies are design and placed were to GET IN YOUR WAY and on top of that the stage's design wanted you dead as well and hazzard. Like Quickman Stage in MEGAMAN II Not my video but great example
I dunno about you people but I dont like killing the same boring "Close-to-none" Ai Over and over and STILL not be abe to do the next stage hoping it would prove a challenge.
I dont care what anyone says thats STUPID AND BORING that i would have to Power-Level for DAYS or in my case WEEKS to get to an interesting part of the game that might prove more challanging. The game should be More challanging and interesting right when I BOOT THE GAME UP! Dont even give me that "Its a FREE MMO" or "ITS TO WELCOME NEW PLAYERS" because those are the ideas that KILL A GAME! PEROID!
Plus it says something when I actually start dozzing off while just natrually mashing the (X) button on my controller and plowing though THE SAME STAGE THE 30TH TIME!
Referrancing SEGA's Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst had the right idea, Beat a stage and Move on however things will be stronger and harder and its up to the PLAYER if they want to Power level or not, Plus BB actually letting you go to any stage in the game but in a set difficulty unless you exit and set a different Level, SIMPLE!
There is alot of thing they can do rather than DUMB AI and UNHAZZARDOUS (not sure if thats correct spelling) STAGES! or atlest ones that actually would kill people... I saw those fire holes from a mile away... and that brings me to talk about why I would want to play these stages because of...

Whats that? He's working with the enemy?! Oh wait... WRONG GAME!
So umm... where are the cut-scenes? NO REALLY! WHERE!?
For a game to have SOME indication that theres a story and CHARACTERS theres almost nothing adding to anything, even the gameplay that I just explained which can if done correctly.
For having an Over-world that does NOTHING but add DELY to everything, they really dont even attempt to desply a CUT SCENE of any sort using the over world and I KNOW ITS SUPPOUSED TO BE A MANGA GAME!. But is this all they can come up with? Just a few potraits flabbing about on my screen and a text box?
Not to be a jerk but a 1993 SEGA game on the Genesis is actually out shining this game in that area... Phantasy Star 4 (Genesis) Using actual Manga strips for EVERYTHING! and gave a BIG idea what was going on around you, and these were not simple "Portraits" or a full screen manga pages, they actually were 16-bit Manga strips that clearly explain the events and such not only in major events but just talking to people in the OVERWORLD to give better understanding of the "scene" and on such an incapable Console that could not produce what a COMPUTER CAN! THATS SAD ELSWORD!
And not just Main story events but also side quests, theres NOTHING IN SIDE QUESTS!
And plus the Over-world itself is... Pointless, and the Music adds nothing at all, it has no flavor and dont believe me? Look up every song in Metroid games Peroid. Kenji is awesome and he know how to bring a song out of anything, its more than what "Meets the eye". im actually kinda burnt out talking about this game but THERES MORE TO COME!~

This is actually one that would relate to Gameplay and stages but it also important to know that the player can indicate the the actions of the monster or robot or whatever they're fighting which I found more of them actually being more well done MUCH LATER but still lacking the Idea that if something BIG is coming there way, the player be able to tell themself, or anything in general like a normal attack, those gosh darn lizzards are are more of an example of how baddly animated they are and how it adds no indication however this could be done on purpous because they like Monsters or ravage and unpredictable but add again to #1, Lucking of challange really takes away ALOT in the long run or any run in general especially the effect whom im fighting and what tatic I would Preffer fighting types of enemies but... at the moment just Mashing (X) on my controller kinda... works... I actually almost never use special attacks, its just too EASY!
This mistake in Elsword is also HALO's mistake aswell, it doesnt add real difficulty but imagainary Challange "Avatar strength" that enemies take more hits and you take less, but the Ai and Placement is like they're asking to die and really easy to avoid and Win in general. Egopator explains these elements almost perfectly.
Arin is on the dot with this one if you watched the video and I can say for alot of game that seem to not understand that Powering the Avatar and not the Ai is just silly and leads to "Poor Design" and plus the Bosses are just...F*CKING LAZY! Like Arin said, Being decked out with power moves and items it just the Bosses are a JOKE!
I know theres a Boss run but I want to be REWARDED for beating a Boss! Damnit!
Like beating a hard boss and being rewarded for it feels good, I need not to explain.

#4: (And this might be an opinoin) FREE MMO AND RETAIL!
Im gonna be honest, I dislike not being able to acsess the whole game and have to pay a price for A LITTLE BIT of the game, you'know? Mabinogi is a Prime example of a game that actually can be amazing but just kills itself with its stupid "FREE MMO" limitations and prices, just just plain dumb not being able to play THE WHOLE game, if money is the issue then Retail for god's sake. I really think and feel that this FREE MMO crap is killing potentionlly good games with its Limitations, its like we have Arcade stands in our homes "Want to play more of the game? More money please!" be paying more than a Full retail game in time with this nonsense, I aint kidding do the math.
PLUS! theres a Game thats MMO and retail and has gotten nothing but good reviews and that GUILD WARS 2! PAY ONCE FOR RETAIL AND THATS IT! YOU GET THE WHOLE GAME IN YOUR F*CKING HANDS! AND PLAY IT! PEROID!
And I remember playing Adenture Quest and its pretty freaking smart, you can play the whole game and have "FREE ACCESS" but you can pay a 1 time price for the game and get to Access more, kinda smart how Artix does it.

Whew... Im actually alittle exuasted... I dont hate the game it just... Elsword drives me away with THOSE reasons I just said and if you actually agree or disagree then thats up to you, not even gonna talk about PVP because, its not the main game right?
Plus it has it good points, of course but these problems are pointed out because I want the game of Elsword to become better.
There might be a Video Review however my Edditing Softwere is being Gai and is not working.
However please take not in what I said and Again I'm being VERY HONEST.
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Frosty Bubbles Jan 18, 2013 @ 5:43pm 
Your logic is obsolete. #2 is obsolete because of Sander, it has plenty of cutscenes, and

that's not even mentioning the tutorials. #3 Obsolete because of Hidden Dungeon bosses,

they are insanely difficult to beat without ressurections if you are an average player. #4 What?

You don't have to pay for anything in the game unless you want to. Want Costume Pieces?

Buy them in the market.
Last edited by Frosty Bubbles; Jan 18, 2013 @ 5:43pm
クソゲ Jan 18, 2013 @ 6:20pm 
I can see multiple flaws with your reasoning and lack of experience.

#1: You obviously never bothered to get past Bethma. The earlier areas such as Ruben, Elder, and Bethma are meant to be a place where you can get a hang of your character and class without being beat to a pulp. As for stage design, every stage is made so every character is able to maneuver through them and not get stuck with an impossible jump. I bet that you decided to go with Raven and base your observations off of him. Every single character in this game has unique movement and systems. Elsword with his extra-fast dashing and Way of the Sword, Aisha with levitating, Rena with double-jump, Raven with Anger, Eve with gliding, Chung with ammo and rocket-jump, and Ara with extremely fast speed and spirit orbs.

#2: Yes, the game lacks a great amount of cutscenes, however, the time and energy that could have been put into cutscenes is put into gameplay instead. Elsword has 18 and soon to be 21 classes to worry about. This is far more than a standard console game where they have maybe 1-8 characters to look at. Plus, with the Field and Sander update in Korea, the amount of depth to the world of Elrios is expanded by tenfold. More cutscenes are implemented. The world becomes a gigantic size. Characterization can be found through win/loss poses, and the lines they say after defeating a boss. Elsword is meant to be a fast-paced game. A 10-minute cutscene would only ruin this pace.
Zari Lutus Jan 18, 2013 @ 6:28pm 
I stopped reading as soon as I realized that you probably haven't even gone past Bethma...
クソゲ Jan 18, 2013 @ 6:44pm 
#3: Predictable enemies are actually very boring to go up against. Predictable bosses appear only when it was intended, or during early dungeons. The reason this game seems so easy is because you are not playing it right. Real combos must be executed in order to get through the game. The combos that are given to you in the combo list are not combos, just flashy finishers or supplements to a combo. ZZZZ also does not count as a combo. This combo knocks enemies down and reduces the damage done to them. The damage reduction where tou appear to be is little. Later on, monsters can execute get-up attacks and in PvP, knocked-dow enemies cannot even be hit. Equips, unless at an absurd enhancement level, will not carry you through the game. If anything, they only increase the potency of your attacks. Actual skill is still a requirement, especially in later dungeons. Bosses in later dungeons can beat you to a pulp if you aren't attentive. The secret bosses will murder you even if you are well geared and experienced. Your reward for killing a boss? Better gear. Better weapons. Satisfaction from finally being able to kill the damn thing with the worst gear possible.

#4: How wrong you are in this. It's unbelievable. EVERY SINGLE PART OF THE GAME IS AVAILABLE TO YOU AS YOU UNLOCK IT. Every dungeon. Every skill. Every class. Evert character. Every system. Every guild. Even every costume is available to you for free off of sellers and the market. The only things that you actually have to pay for are B-slots, class-exclusive skill notes, and character slots. B-slots are not necessary at all no matter what anyone says. If anything, it will clog up your gameplay for a good month if you aren't used to using it. Skill notes. You usually have another skill that can do the job just as good or even better than the enhanced skill. Character slots. We have offers for that, and even then, it's only 3 dollars.
JCgamer18 Jan 18, 2013 @ 6:51pm 
i agree with DeathByAzns and you have obviously never PvP'd because its fast paced and fun and you're comparisons are horrible you can't compare a FTP to a renown game made by a multimillion/billion dollar company who released this game for console its like comparing the dallas cowboys to the florida gators. yes they are both football teams but, they are on completely different areas and will never vs each other also on point #4 none of the items in the item mall give you an edge over other players and they are not necessary to gameplay so if you want to buy costumes, you can but, they are not necessary to gameplay and don't really affect gameplay and people are good with or without item mall items its all about how skilled you are and unlike games like GC or EE everything you need IS ALREADY in the game. I have an idea try playing several FTP's then rewrite your review because this was a pretty bad review with comparisons that did not even make sense and does not even have his facts straight so my point is a review is something that does not compare a review is a oversight of the WHOLE GAME not 1/3rd of it. A friend of mine who works for IGN says that they have to play games all the way through to give it a chance to prove its worth and you made a review that only is maybe 1/3 complete which is a skewed review and is not worth reading
Last edited by JCgamer18; Jan 18, 2013 @ 6:52pm
Frosty Bubbles Jan 18, 2013 @ 8:15pm 
I honestly thought this was a joke when I was reading this... That's how terrible your judgement is.
xLohengrinx Jan 19, 2013 @ 10:39am 
1) only played for the first 30 lvls, haven't seen the later fights.
2) It's all about cut-scenes in a game isn't it? -_-
Most cut-scenes in the middle of a dungeon (in most RPG) ruin the experience for me at times, so keep it as is.
3) Again, didn't play till the end content. Secret dungeons (lvl 40+) aren't so easy as the dungeons below lvl 30.
4) Every game has his own gimmick and the extra's aren't going to make you OP.
you also can't compare it with big corporations who already have their money off previous games or a large sponsor.

In all round i think the review is flawed.
From what i read this game is not for you it seems, however there are people who do enjoy the game as it is.
Last edited by xLohengrinx; Jan 19, 2013 @ 10:39am
Frosty Bubbles Jan 19, 2013 @ 6:22pm 
Also, for 2), all the time that could have been used for cut- scenes was used for stuff like better

gameplay, so if you would rather have flashy cut-scenes than good gameplay, than play
something else
「❤」 Jan 19, 2013 @ 8:10pm 
I know why you think its bad

Your comparing it to crap games like Megaman
TatsuSama1987 Jan 21, 2013 @ 9:41am 
Sounds like you barely played this game and only got to the desert area Bethma.

#1) It does get hard, pose challenges, and have hazards. But of course the early part of the game is on the easy side to get new player's hang of the game. As mentioned above you notice it past Bethma, pretty quickly too.

#2) It's an MMO, cutscenes should be short and sweet, not everyone wants to sit and watch a cutscene when they're in the middle of a dungeon battle.

#3) You just got lazy or just want a button masher if just pressing X or Z how you played. Using 'real' combos helps put out more damamge and movements. Using skills helps clear out rooms especially if used at good times. Learning to NOT knock down enemies becomes a must later since you start daeling alot less damage to them if they're on teh ground. Bosses become hard as well, you know, past those lizards you speek of, lol. You just gotta realize that as you CAN just press Z or X, you gotta actually practice in this game, it's isn't just a 'click to target and press hotkey' kind of game.

#4) Most of the stuff IS accessable in the game. Locked skills can unlock with a quest, giving the thought of you 'training' to learn an advanced skill. Costumes are mostly for looks, though you give the impression you're a 'graphics makes the game good, not gameplay' type since you complained about cutscenes. Most other things aren't needed as much, or are a 'gambling' kind of item for rarer costumes or items, that aren't really needed. I will agree that the 'Sealing' system is a pain and character slots (3 to start even though there's 6, some day 7, characters). The B Slot IS useful to me since I keep my ultimate skills and buff on B and Actives and smller skills on A, but not needed.
Neryem Jan 22, 2013 @ 7:20am 
Originally posted by Zari:
I stopped reading as soon as I realized that you probably haven't even gone past Bethma...
xLohengrinx Jan 23, 2013 @ 8:02am 
Originally posted by DeathByAzns:
ZZZZ also does not count as a combo.

Same goes for XXXX. If you're gonna try and combo be more like this (gonna us sheath knight for this referance) "XXZ ^Z ZZ>Z ZZZ Cresent Cut Harsh Chaser" for example
Klarth F Lester Jan 23, 2013 @ 9:41pm 
Y'all [fellas] posting in a troll thread.
Melody Jan 24, 2013 @ 6:16pm 

In other words, LOL YOU ARE SO STOOPOID!
ilesliex3 Jan 26, 2013 @ 4:11pm 
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