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Marbels 26. Mai 2013 um 0:18 Uhr
do you mind that most of the stuff in this game is spoken in Korean? or do you find it as a plus?
also, one day we will get english voices, but to make sure we dont get something horrible, who do you think is a good candidate for english VA's
keep in mind, there's more than just 6 characters who need voices done...

B>TabithaStGermain for every NPC and Rena/Aisha
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öink 27. Mai 2013 um 14:54 Uhr 
Well I think they should dub it but keep original voices as an option
Nearo 27. Mai 2013 um 17:47 Uhr 
"one day we will get english voices" Pretty sure that's not the case, actually. In fact, I think in the past it was actually considered, and downright decided against? Besides from an april fools dubbing of a few things at one point. It's definitely not confirmed to happen though.
Gietmex 29. Mai 2013 um 20:04 Uhr 
i just whish we could use jap voices here Q~Q
Kicee 30. Mai 2013 um 5:04 Uhr 
I think should have English voices, but the option to turn it on or off. Maybe now this is going on Steam, may a few deals with Gabe and grab some of Valve's voice actors, Ohohoho...I wish.
HedronFairy 5. Juni 2013 um 12:40 Uhr 
Ellen McClain voicing Eve.
Done, check, what's for lunch?
Fairner 24. Juli 2013 um 12:40 Uhr 
I like the option of choosing to use the original or dubed voices :)
xLohengrinx 25. Juli 2013 um 15:08 Uhr 
you want the UK voices...
Marbels 3. Aug. 2013 um 13:13 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von xLohengrinx:
you want the UK voices...
plz no.
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