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ZED - Absolution
ehdeekay  [desenvolvedor] 29 Out, 2012 às 15:48
Weapon Upgrades
What type of Upgrades would you care for?

Our current system we are working on is a levelling system within the weapon itself. The more kills you rank up with a certain weapon dictates upgrades based on:

-DMG increase
-Rate of Fire
-Bullet Speed

and as well upgrades on top of this to purchase includes:

-Bullet Effect Types (Fire, Electric, Poison)
-Explosive Round

Give us your input on what awesome upgrades you would like to see!
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prestanton 14 Abr, 2013 às 7:42 
Perhaps plasma
│๖ۜDiablo│ 28 Dez, 2013 às 22:24 
Perhaps minigun
ehdeekay  [desenvolvedor] 29 Dez, 2013 às 8:35 
@FlapJack Already added :)
RevCat 9 Jul, 2014 às 0:30 
perhaps 2 bullets shot at a time???
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