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Wilson Chronicles
▼ Ѧ Я Ι Φ 2 nov 2013, ore 5:58
Half Life map
why is a half-life map so special? as far as i can see no other features were added in this mod. please tell me why.
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Frere D'λrme | SF |  [sviluppatore] 3 nov 2013, ore 22:48 
Open your eyes please.. Its not a map, its a mod.
๖ۣΛmyGwyllion 4 nov 2013, ore 3:12 
▼ Ѧ Я Ι Φ 4 nov 2013, ore 7:51 
what is added in the mod? all i see is a different map.
'Starscre4M 12 nov 2013, ore 10:58 
take a look at the moddb page and in the videos and you will see its not just maps.
Eaglesg  [sviluppatore] 13 nov 2013, ore 4:23 
I'm sorry but this is far more than a simple map...
s0ca  [sviluppatore] 13 nov 2013, ore 5:05 
If it is only changing the maps, how do you explain the support of others and our appearance on Greenlight?
▼ Ѧ Я Ι Φ 13 nov 2013, ore 9:56 
OK, sorry for what ive said, i didnt quiet get into it that much, ive seen that its more than just a map, keep up the good work.
DIMREAPER 18 nov 2013, ore 2:13 
Any relation to Black Mesa???

Will this be the whole game re-done or just a few of the levels?
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