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Flackzer Jan 14, 2013 @ 3:37pm
MYTHRUNA a game similiar to this- and how this blockscape kind of sucks
no i am not advertising and no i dont avidly like minecraft and no i am not saying this game copied mythruna or minecraft , but this game is like mythruna and ive seen mythruna way before i saw this come up on steam they have the same building idea (landscape not so much) Mythruna also has a free version on its site to try out, but blockscape doesnt seem to differ much from minecraft or voxelgames in general besides the obvious different graphics and the newer building mechanics which i havent seen much anywhere else but mythruna, blockscape doesnt like it added anything new or exciting besides graphics and building and innovative way to incorprate tower defense, other than that it cant differ much whats he gonna add farming mining? a different dimension? yes minecraft may or may incorprate these ideas crappilly or in a fun way but it has already explored these areas and until someone makes a game similiar but integrates them way better and funner and with other new features that mods for minecraft dont already have than i dont think anyone should make a voxel game. This is MY OPINION disagree if you should but dont post it unless you have a valid argument or point out the flaws in my thoughts (and it better be good flaws not someone elses comment or counter argument)
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Sp3tzn4z Apr 23, 2013 @ 8:37pm 
I don't know much about Mythruna other then what i've seen in videos, i've seen chairs and slopes, better foliage, etc... several of those things you can get with mods in Minecraft.

Let us say that Blockscape is more accurate then Minecraft and/or Myhtruna, it's not just the "different graphics and newer building mechanics" but accuracy. Accuracy in the sense that a ball would much faster look like a ball in Blockscape then in Minecraft and/or Mythruna.

If you try and make a cylinder in Minecraft and/or Mythruna it wouldn't roll that far when pushed but in Blockscape if you try and make a cylinder then that cylinder, when pushed, would not come to a standstill as fast as in Minecraft and/or Mythruna.

Yes I know it's possible to make octagons in all three games, but in Minecraft and/or Mythruna that octagon would need more space to exist and for less space you would be able to make a hexadecagon in Blockscape.

Maybe to you that is what you mean by "obvious different graphics". If so then that would be the same as saying that there is no difference between standard definition video and high definition video besides the amount of space it needs on a harddisk.

I find that this game has more in common with Lords of Uberdark then Minecraft and/or Mythruna.
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Zacletus Apr 25, 2013 @ 1:56pm 
I took a look at Mythruna and had a few thoughts.
1. I love the idea of a sandbox rpg. I think it could be a lot more fun than just simple survival modes.
2. The world is still extremely blocky, just like Minecraft (I'm not calling it a Minecraft clone, if they can make a good rpg out of it, it'll be in its own group).
3. Even though Mythruna seems to use high resolution textures, which I would love for Blockscape to include standard, Blockscape still looks better overall.
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