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Euro Truck Simulator 2
Mermersk 2 grudnia 2012 o 13:10
Price point

Has the price fro ETS2 on Steam been decided ?

Honestly I really like the demo but 30-40 dollars is just a bit to expensive for alot of people.
I think that if SCS would realease it for like 15 or 20 dollars, I would buy it in a hearthbeat.

If you price it cheaply, you get alot of people that ar not truck-sim fans to atleast try it out, and with the quality of this game, i am sure they will like it.

Paradox has been doing this for quite some time and they are very succesful (Magicka...)

Does someone else agree or not ? would be nice to get a response from the dev here!
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skaquadrille 2 grudnia 2012 o 13:46 
I agree. Setting a lower price point might be a great way to expand your audience (which I think can only be beneficial for SCS' future). They should at least put it on sale sometime in the future.
ZeroSafe 2 grudnia 2012 o 13:47 
I agree with a $20 price.
If they will release 10$ DLCs as they promised I totally agree on 20$ price, however I woudnt mind to pay 40$ for such a great game.
Lepel100 3 grudnia 2012 o 0:19 
I think $20 would be a perfect price for this game. :P
raven11 3 grudnia 2012 o 7:42 
I wouldn't mind $20 as a sale price as a "Thank You" for those fans that liked and favorited the game to get it on Steam
iLikeSheep 3 grudnia 2012 o 10:29 
I'll just wait for a sale if I don't like the initial price.
Destro9 3 grudnia 2012 o 18:27 
Should have called it Euro Lorry,as we call trucks =Lorrys over here:P
G.R. 4 grudnia 2012 o 3:38 
I would give at most 25$ for this game, and not a cent more. As much as I love this game and as much as I appreciate SCS, I think 25 bucks is a decent price for it. They could charge extra money for future add-ons, like maps.
Lolozaur 4 grudnia 2012 o 11:38 
over 20e seems ridicolous
i only got 15$ available so ill wait for winter sale anyway
Ostatnio edytowany przez: Lolozaur; 4 grudnia 2012 o 11:39
I think 20-30 dollars be a perfect of both worlds. I remember buying the 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' @ walmart for $20. But that was around 2005 or so. In recent weeks i seen some casters on Twitch.Tv casting this game, and the game has been polished and the graphics are better to be more a 25-30 dollar game. Either way I will definitely buying it.
City Builder 6 grudnia 2012 o 8:51 
To me the $29.95 price tag was worth the product they delivered (as long as they fix the bugs) especially compared to many other "simulation games" that are on the market today that are selling for anywhere between $39.99 and $70.00.

I felt the price was worth this product where as some of the other sims that I've bought over the past couple years were an out and out rip off at their $40 and $50 price tags.

Just make good and fill in the rest of the Countries on the map and give us some quality and affordable DLC in the near future to keep people interested.
Mitt Romney 8 grudnia 2012 o 19:47 
I would agree with the 15-20 dollar price range. But I will still take it for 25
Chrono 9 grudnia 2012 o 11:35 
I would have bought already had the price been $20. Gonna wait to see if it gets discounted slightly at release on Steam.
Lolozaur 10 grudnia 2012 o 4:42 
well i hope they will release this prior winter sale otherwise it would be some kind of suicide to release it after the sale
Ricwi 13 grudnia 2012 o 7:10 
I'm also hoping to see this come in somewhere around the $20 mark. Demo is enjoyable. That's what it'd be worth to me.

And as far as DLC goes: as long as it's not Zero-Day. Creating new content for purchase later is totally acceptable but releasing a title alongside DLC just says "We took this out of the game to charge you more than we could have if we'd have left it in."
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