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ThaBonadingus 4 Out, 2013 às 19:37
Why hasn't this been GreenLit yet?
I'm a big fan of this game, and have been for a while. I've noticed that there are thousands of votes for this to be GreenLit, and I want to know why it hasn't been GreenLit yet... I keep coming back and checking on it off and on and I'm waiting to see it in the store :P
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Giant Genderless Serpent 14 Nov, 2013 às 9:19 

It is now.
Battlefinch 16 Nov, 2013 às 17:10 
ThaBonadingus 17 Nov, 2013 às 1:54 
Soundwave 3 Dez, 2013 às 0:19 
The Spooky Gentleman 10 Mar, 2014 às 10:28 
About time this baby went green! Been keeping an eye on this title ever since it was on Reflexive Arcade!
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