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Dr Deep 5 grudnia 2012 o 15:55
1080p Display?
The maximum resolution i have is 1024,760.

NVidia ASUS 560 TI 1gig
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10tons  [autor] 7 grudnia 2012 o 0:47 
Crimsonland is a 10 year old game and hasn't been updated in years. That's why the current maximum resolution is 1024x760.

We could raise the resolution to 1920x1080, but that wouldn't really make the game any prettier, as the graphics assets are low resolution.

Updating the graphics to higher resolution would be quite difficult. Getting Greenlit would definitely lower the barrier for us to dedicate resources to Crimsonland... In one form or another :)
[+] hadji 8 grudnia 2012 o 11:53 
I'd buy it either way, but updated graphics would be fantastic. Even an uglier 1080p would be fine, as an option.
Mad Ant 9 grudnia 2012 o 1:47 
If you don't plan to do all the artwork for 1080p resolution I really, really hope you at least code in a 16:10, 16:9 and those other notebook aspect ratios, that would help A LOT!
Spydrebyte 14 grudnia 2012 o 13:21 
Graphics are fine, just need widescreen support :)
Lucas 117 18 grudnia 2012 o 2:48 
Tero, I hope it's ok that I post this. I asked the same question a few months ago and here is the reply I got:

"The reason why we have the 1024 limit is that the game doesn't have more pixels in the background terrain texture and it's not very good at scaling it up. It's using the traditional PC way of scaling things where things simply get smaller and you see more of the terrain if you use higher res. This is something we've fixed in our latest games, but updating the original Crimsonland would require a lot of word (new hires gfx, new ui and game drawing code).

I hope that made sense :)


So basically, it would take a lot of work to update Crimsonland. Perhaps we could see this happen (and it would be nice), but we may just have to wait for 2.0.
PC00 8 lutego 2013 o 4:56 
1280x720 and 1280x800, for 16:9 and 16:10 respectively, should be feasible.. Or 1600x900 and 1440x900..
ieroglyph 21 lutego 2013 o 2:24 
1280x720 and 1280x800, for 16:9 and 16:10 respectively, should be feasible.. Or 1600x900 and 1440x900..
Wouldn't it be the same as running the game fullscreen with "keep ratio" mode?
PC00 27 lutego 2013 o 4:27 
1280x720 and 1280x800, for 16:9 and 16:10 respectively, should be feasible.. Or 1600x900 and 1440x900..
Wouldn't it be the same as running the game fullscreen with "keep ratio" mode?

Within the game?. No, since the game's native / maximum resolution is 1024x768.. Keeping the aspect ratio will result in black bars, left and right, on a widesreen monitor..
Obfuscator 1 kwietnia 2013 o 14:42 
If you could just render the whole thing onto a DirectX surface then just scale it to the native resolution with letterboxing, that would still be better than falling back to the monitor's or driver's scaling. You would be able to support any resolution, and it would create a consistent experience across the user base (not leaving the final aspect ratio to the mercy of external components) while not really having to get your hands dirty with the rendering code.

Of course you won't be getting the ultra-def Quad-HD experience, but with a good image resizing algorithm (and maybe a sharpening filter or the likes), it could look pretty good. And for a negligible amount of effort, you could even allow the user to resize the viewport (a la Castle Wolfenstein), and even allow it to be oversized, so that if fills more of a widescreen's width (at the cost off cutting off the top and bottom, of course, or maybe just the bottom - I dunno).

Or maybe you could just, oh I don't know, crowdsource the whole messy business of refactoring old forgotten code by open-sourcing Crimsonland? Hey you can't blame me for at least trying, now can you?
Obfuscator 1 kwietnia 2013 o 14:49 
Also, I remember that even at 1024x768, the landscape scrolled in all directions. So there still might not be enough for a modern resolution, but I'm sure you could support higher resolutions by disabling scrolling altogether (i.e. displaying the whole landscape at once), plus adding a little bit of fog-of-war to fill in the rest of the screen space. The creeps can then appear out of the fog, thereby not actually changing the game (except for the added advantage of seeing more which already existed across the original available resolutions).
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Captain_BaseBallBat-Boy 10 października 2013 o 5:10 
да, было бы хорошо, если бы сделали поддержку формата 4k
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