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Heroes & Generals
DOW Nov 28, 2012 @ 5:25pm
Is the gameplay of Heroes&Generals like Planetside 2 except WW2 themed?
From what I've read so far it seems to be instances of 12v12, 24v24, 32v32, 64v64 which I would be somewhat disappointed if true vs Planetside 2 or WW2 Online's true MMOFPS. Can anyone shed some light?
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instances, u choose a server (Mission going on the world map) and then u fight, die, respawn etc. maps are limited.
Dondergod Dec 31, 2012 @ 1:41am 
I always compare it with the total war series.

The assault teams move over a big campaign map, when 2 (or more) opposite assault teams meet, a battle instance is created.

So far it's 16vs16, but it will be at least 24vs24 and I actually think they will try to get it 32vs32 or even higher.

One fps battle lasts around 30 minutes (can go up to 2 hours when you play the mountain map). The outcome of one of those battles influences the campaign map.

So indeed, the battles are instance, but they do contribute to one big war.
Atm wars only last between 1-7 days, but they will last longer once more of the features get implanted.
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