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Red Crucible Firestorm
Need This game on steam
guys we need this game on steam tell all your friends to vote up!
Viimeisin muokkaaja on ImPosTaZ-LDR; 27. syys, 2012 18.53
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Rocketeer Games  [kehittäjä] 21. syys, 2012 23.46 
We are planning on having players design and submit arenas to the Steam version of Red Crucible....
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Rocketeer Games; 12. huhti, 2013 15.53
por favor não modifica esse jogo ele é perfeito!
Please do not modify this game it's perfect!
Dexter 16. marras, 2012 14.06 
Se esse jogo entra na Steam Greenlight, ele terá de continuar de ser Free to Play, se não vai perder a graça
must be free to play , i play this game a lot on facebook , i think it's the best game on fb
KaMiKaZe 30. joulu, 2012 13.17 
Necesito Coins
nice game BF 80-x )))
lol GIJOEJK, im sure u remember me? username: TANKMAN, that ring a bell? :D
this NEEDS to be added 2 steam!
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Our Lord Chanka; 15. tammi, 2013 16.05
Good Game Nice Is Good We Need It Game On Steam
All Battlefields sucks compared to this. Even Chuck Norris play this.
F1570 9. helmi, 2013 3.52 
good game
MrXiskov 20. helmi, 2013 12.33 
This game is perfect :)
I wish to have this game at my gamelist ;)
Sun Guy 10. maalis, 2013 21.46 
I wouldn't over hype it but this truely needs to be on steam. Imagine, full server wars. With tanks, helis, and cars, all going to war with eachother with all kinds of fire power.
Xprophecy 12. maalis, 2013 15.42 
thumbs up for this game
F1570 17. maalis, 2013 10.11 
Jondon 24. huhti, 2013 14.10 
We need this game on steam! The game dosen't have enough players!
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Jondon; 24. huhti, 2013 14.10
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Näytetään 1-15 / 28 kommentista
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