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Evil Aliens  [desenvolvedor(a)] 29/set/2012 às 0:24
Music in ORBITOR
Let's talk about ORBITOR's original music and sound
Check out some of it over at
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Evil Aliens  [desenvolvedor(a)] 29/set/2012 às 0:28 
Getting some really positive comments about the music in the trailer. All the music in the game and trailers etc is original. It's composed and recorded by me, Dale a.k.a. EvilAlienAlpha. I'm also one of the co-founders of the company, lead designer and artist. We'll be releasing the soundtrack after the game is release. Constructive feedback is welcome :)
foxy-japacan 16/nov/2012 às 15:45 
Awesome, I will definitely buy the soundtrack. I absolutely loved the music when I first saw the trailer
01010101 6/dez/2012 às 15:46 
Same here!
UltraPj ︻气デ═一 23/mai/2013 às 12:20 
Wonderful music :3
ayy lmao 17/jul/2013 às 20:14 
Really enjoyed it, would probably buy soundtrack edition.
Buddy BlueHeart 3/set/2013 às 14:17 
really love the demo and the sondtrack
Koi 3/set/2013 às 15:05 
I would DEFINITELY buy a soundtrack if one was released!
FridgeMaster 3/set/2013 às 17:50 
My ears are already craving for more of this masterpiece.
KainKiller1993 [NL] Uber Te@m 4/set/2013 às 11:36 
once this game get added in steam, you better let us buy the soundtrack to! Love it :D
Luezoid 5/set/2013 às 12:46 
The music was really wonderful and also the gameplay, I really wish this game will come out soon and keep it updated plz with dlc's or something or even giving it for free.
Hyper-Serious 15/set/2013 às 15:55 
Love it. Terrific work. The music is just ace and so was the gameplay. I'll happily pay money for this.
Hotrodjman 28/set/2013 às 19:59 
Amazing. It makes you think "Im finally free!", "Welcome Home", "This is the life", or even "YES! I DID IT!"
♠♠(513)♠♠ 24/out/2013 às 18:31 
I LOVE the music in the gameplay demo. Your style reminds me of an ambient/U2 kind of feel, and it fits the game very well. The music is one of the reasons why I like the game so much.
Evil Aliens  [desenvolvedor(a)] 25/out/2013 às 0:29 
thanks or all the support for ORBITOR's OST. It will be available when the game is released. until then check out the Soundcloud page for regular updates and WIP tracks.
Mercenary X 2/jul/2014 às 13:03 
Please include a collectors version that has the sound track with the game. It is SOooo oooh good.
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