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Cloaks and Spells
McMarius11 1 listopada 2013 o 11:18
Linux Support?
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Sean  [autor] 1 listopada 2013 o 21:15 
Hi McMarius11,
Currently I'm focusing all my efforts on the PC release.
I have no experience with Linux, but I'm willing to try and port it.
By the time Cloaks and Spells gets Greenlit (hopefully next year) I should have a Linux version available.
Thank you for your patience !
McMarius11 2 listopada 2013 o 3:55 
thanks for the info ;)
psymin 18 czerwca 2014 o 7:53 
+1 for SteamOS / Linux support
Sacatuki 4 stycznia 2015 o 14:28 
That is a smart decision because not everyone has a Windows/PC. I think you should try a Mac version in the future as well.
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