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Organic Humans  [개발자] 2012년 10월 30일 오전 4시 46분
What do you love about Horror games?
Tell us why you are / aren't afraid of the dark, share your favourite horror gaming moments or discuss what makes a great horror game scary.
Organic Humans님이 마지막으로 수정; 2012년 11월 6일 오후 5시 55분
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Organic Humans  [개발자] 2012년 11월 6일 오후 5시 56분 
I love the freedom to explore, combined with the tension of not knowing what is out there.
Organic Humans님이 마지막으로 수정; 2012년 11월 6일 오후 6시 26분
ฆ่าตัวเอง 2012년 11월 6일 오후 9시 28분 
You must not like many modern horror games then
Organic Humans  [개발자] 2012년 11월 6일 오후 10시 32분 
Placenta님이 먼저 게시:
You must not like many modern horror games then

You are correct sir. Personally I feel that Frictional Games is the only other studio that satisfies my desire of the genre (not including the classics like Silent Hill 2).
Organic Humans님이 마지막으로 수정; 2012년 11월 6일 오후 10시 33분
bombi 2012년 11월 7일 오전 3시 34분 
i think we like horror as feeling )
Hybelkaninen 2012년 11월 13일 오후 8시 55분 
Some of my "nastiest" events are in the Amnesia, Penumbra and earlier Silent Hill games. SH4: The Room still freaks me out today. The ghosts are the worst ones, so similar to a human...yet still SO inhuman...just "hanging" there in the air, floating around making all those stuttering, weird movements, chasing you around and groaning.

Penumbra, all the freaky stuff you're reading about from notes and such, really gets your imagination going.
Then you got Penumbra: Black Plague which also starts all the Mind F**ks, making it even nastier.
Amnesia with all the spooky stuff and completely unable to defend yourself while searching high and low for different items.

Doom 3 was very freaky for the first hour...after that it got tedious and boring.

Slender...I like the myth but loathes the hype around it...no interest in the games.

F.E.A.R. first game was splendid, second game was...weird...third game was just stupid.

Dead Space, sucky controls in a "scary" shooter, they had some good ideas etc...but bad execution.

Resident Evil, first 3 games was good...after that it became just a Ca$h Cow, maybe apart from RE 4.

What got me hooked on Montas is the atmosphere, computer doing stuff by itself, office chair slowly moving with nobody else around, all the weird stuff at the subway etc.

Right now I'm looking forward to Montas, Routine and the new Amnesia/Frictional Games...games.
RAD☢happy 2012년 12월 19일 오전 4시 33분 
I beleive that nothing adds suspense, and fear just from the atomosphear than good audio sounds. Hearing something in your right ear would most likely make you jump and turn your head to the direction of the sound...or make you run. Good music is good too in the situation that you're in.
Header212 2013년 1월 14일 오전 10시 25분 
I freak out the most when everything is going crazy and I have no idea whats going on. Generally, when I don't know what I'm up against yet, I'm scared the most. That makes games without any knowledge what will happen to me/ what awaits me, the most scaring ones for me.
Babysweet (not in an RP mood) 2013년 1월 30일 오후 10시 12분 
getting scared gives me a rush of adrenaline which i love
Gordy the Pirate! ❤ 2013년 3월 7일 오후 11시 18분 
The dark plays a big role in horror games for me as it creates a constant feeling of "What could be around the next corner?" Sound plays a large role in this too, as a dark, brooding atmosphere helps to create a sense of tension and dread throughout the game. But at the same time, I don't think these two things are enough to make a good horror game.

The first thing I look for in a horror game is what the character's outfitted with. Is this pure survival horror? Or does the protagonist carry around an arsenal in their back pocket? I honestly think that weapons detract from the fear we might experience in horrors. When all we have to do is stare down our assailants and pull the trigger, they become a lot less frightening (i.e. Dead Space). However, when we have to use less direct means to protect ourselves, such as hiding, the situation becomes a lot more nerve-racking, especially when there's that fear of being spotted.

Another aspect that induces a bit more horror is when the game forces you to keep your eyes away from the "monsters" or allows you to glimpse them only briefly. Amnesia did a great job of this with their sanity meter. It discouraged you from looking at what was stalking you, and allowed your imagination to fill in the gaps. Dead Space had you staring the things down around every corner. It's basically playing off of fear of the unknown. When you don't exactly know what it is that's right behind you, it makes things that much more terrifying.

But I think the biggest thing--for me, at least--is the psychological aspect of the game. How it might mess with your head or get your imagination running. Blood and gore are fine for a "shock effect", but they don't make for a memorable horror game. Games like the Penumbra series, Amnesia, and Lone Survivor really take to messing with your head. They're simple and straightforward gameplay-wise, and yet they're the ones that I love the most, simply because no others could immerse me in the world like they did. Alan Wake even did a great job of keeping me on my toes, and I think it's because I was drawn into the story and the mystery behind it all. And! I think that may be the most important part: to never break the mystery. When you start to read the AI or you learn something about the game that "dumbs down" the horror, so to speak, I think it takes away from a lot of the intrigue. I want a game that I'll be thinking about for weeks. I want a game that I'll Google over and over again, searching for answers. I want a game that gives me a taste of a resolution--of conclusion--but leaves me craving more. Above all, I think the unspoken mystery is the greatest thing a horror game can do to mess with our minds.

All that said, sorry for the essay, but I can't wait for Montas. I have a feeling you guys really know what you're doing. We could use more horror developers like this. ^_^
duk 2013년 3월 25일 오전 2시 33분 
I love it, when the storyline is gripping. You could put Choices. How about a few guns? And Monsters that does not die, It will create a sense of fear among the Players, Guns will not do anything, but Guns make you feel a little less scared.
SporreKing 2013년 4월 7일 오전 3시 58분 
I like when everythings not predicted, i don't like when you can say, this is where that scary monster will chase you down to that door where another monster will come out! I would rather want it to be more mysterical, when you'll never know whats behind that corner! When you can never be prepared for anything!

Edit: Another thing is that i don't like when you just can swing your gun and kill what ever's chasing you. I rather want me to be deffenseless because that's what really gives me the true feeling of panic, knowing that I can't do anything else than hiding and running!
SporreKing님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 4월 7일 오전 4시 00분
Pomzilla23 2013년 4월 27일 오전 1시 03분 
i like horror games, when ur all alone, but u know theres something out there, possibly comng to get u. like slender :D
King Verde 2013년 4월 30일 오후 5시 50분 
The best feeling I've ever gotten out of a horror game was when i beat amnesia: the dark descent. Not because i was overjoyed at the ending part, but instead the the incredible feel of accomplishment I got from beating a game many claim that they are to scared to play.
Danso 2013년 5월 25일 오전 8시 53분 
When it comes to horrors, I like the look of my GF's face as she plasters her pants after I get her to play for a bit... but from the game itself, it's definately the exploration. I hate how many games these days tend to be extremely "on rails", even the latest MMORPG's tend to give you a story quest and a physical path to follow across the map where the enemies get stronger the further down the path you go. Boring. I want to go off my own route, find things that others might not. The latest Dead Space is a good example. At the start when you're in space, travelling between wrecks at your liesure to find parts and artifacts, the game is great! Once you land on the planet and begin to follow the story path, killing everything on the way, It's more like watching a movie than anything. I lost interest and spent the rest of the game hoping I would eventually go back up in to space to continue exploring.
GorillazZ.Be 2013년 6월 4일 오전 5시 09분 
i love it beceause im sexy
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