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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
Specals 5 лис 2013 о 10:55
Can we get trading cards for this game?
I would love to see this game get trading cards, emotes, and backgrounds. Who wouldn't want a dalek emote and maybe a background of the TARDIS for their profile?
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goldanthro 8 лис 2013 о 15:42 
would be cool yes.
Remy561 [NL] 19 гру 2013 о 9:37 
Nerdbär 20 гру 2013 о 10:35 
that would be awesome :D
The Doctor 22 гру 2013 о 15:22 
Already have a backround
Specals 22 гру 2013 о 17:10 
What do you mean by "Already have a background"? Is there a Doctor Who background out???

Цитата допису The Doctor:
Already have a backround
Doug Miller 30 гру 2013 о 23:12 
Hopefully this will happen, DW is quite popular now, but these particular games were not well recieved. Now if we were talking about Doctor Who Legacy on the other hand... ;)
CompleteGeorge 6 січ 2014 о 0:55 
[VG] [WG] soldierjams 6 січ 2014 о 12:48 
that would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m 26 січ 2014 о 22:44 
insta lvl 5 badge if it happens :)
730 4 лют 2014 о 11:45 
I just thought how cool it would be to have DW emoticons, so I start searching and find this. Please put trading cards!!!
SSS Iwasawa 4 бер 2014 о 10:58 
oh yea!! Very cool idea I would love to have a DW badge :D
リンク(Link) - Twilight 11 бер 2014 о 14:04 
This is a great idea.
Scherge 17 бер 2014 о 13:27 
+1 for trading cards!
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