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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
Can we get trading cards for this game?
I would love to see this game get trading cards, emotes, and backgrounds. Who wouldn't want a dalek emote and maybe a background of the TARDIS for their profile?
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would be cool yes.
Nerdbär 20. joulu, 2013 10.35 
that would be awesome :D
Arcadius 22. joulu, 2013 15.22 
Already have a backround
Specals 22. joulu, 2013 17.10 
What do you mean by "Already have a background"? Is there a Doctor Who background out???

The Doctor lähetti viestin:
Already have a backround
Hopefully this will happen, DW is quite popular now, but these particular games were not well recieved. Now if we were talking about Doctor Who Legacy on the other hand... ;)
that would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
insta lvl 5 badge if it happens :)
730 4. helmi, 2014 11.45 
I just thought how cool it would be to have DW emoticons, so I start searching and find this. Please put trading cards!!!
oh yea!! Very cool idea I would love to have a DW badge :D
Link 11. maalis, 2014 14.04 
This is a great idea.
Scherge 17. maalis, 2014 13.27 
+1 for trading cards!
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