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Will it have a "campaign", so to speak?
It said in the description for the game that it has multiple endings, which I assume means that there is a story of some description. This, coupled with the "Permadeath" makes me wonder- how will the story be presented? Will the players have to follow a set path, with multiple ways of exploring and progressing along that path? Or will it be more like, "Do these things in this order to win, but there's also all this extra stuff to do"? The main thing I'm worried about is that the story will be long, and deaths will be extremely frustrating because you'll have to do the same thing every time you die.
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Crafekster Apr 24, 2013 @ 9:52pm 
Read the games description. The game is fully explorable right of the bat. I bet on a 50th playtrough, you will be able to blaze through in just 15 mintes. and get an ending. But in first time it will probably take us time, and retries after failed attempts.

Basically, the game is not linear. IT is a survival horror... survival...
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