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Armada Online
The current state of Armada Online.
I'm a long-time player of AO, dating back to when there were multiple instances full of players, endless groups and plenty of chatter. Now it's dead. And I mean DEAD.

Don't bother with this game. It's been "in development" for well over 10 years now, with little-to-no interaction with the players/fans on the forum (last official post in the News section was March 2014). The only posts on the forum are from frustrated (ex) players, who haven't been around for years due to lack of... well... anything, asking what the hell is going on.

Over the years, players have even offered their free time to help with coding, models, advertising and never got any replies or correspondence.

Now, it was apparently being "rebuilt" in Unity. But that was around three years ago. And again, nothing heard from anybody. No progress updates, no blog, no worthwhile messages (all we seem to ever get is a stupid, pointless one-liner that doesn't give any real information).

I've tried to revitalise the community once or twice, coming back to start hunting groups and such again but inevitably, the boredom sets in due to having nothing else to do except grind for materials and we all leave for another couple of years or so. The last time was about six months to a year ago now and I simply refuse to even bother anymore.

I don't see this game ever getting finished. Even then, who will care?

Go and have a look at Starsector instead or something. At least they're involving the community and regularly chat on the forums.

Yours sincerely,

Ex-AO player.
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Smokens Sep 7, 2016 @ 2:59am 
thanks for info,gonna check starsector o7
Peace Yo
thats sad cause it is a good game
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