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Alevice 21 nov 2012, ore 11:01
Will previous Inquisitor owners get a new Steam key or they will have to purchase it separatedly?
I guess the title is self explanatory
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Kovi  [sviluppatore] 22 nov 2012, ore 1:50 
Yes, those who bought the game directly from us will get their Steam keys automatically, those that bought the game on will have to send us an e-mail request for it.
Alevice 22 nov 2012, ore 6:35 
I see, thank you very much.
Ratzi 15 dic 2012, ore 5:11 
that is really good to know, since i bought it on gog before i saw that it will maybe on steam, what will you require from the people who bought it on gog as a proof of purchase?
Kovi  [sviluppatore] 16 dic 2012, ore 23:51 
We weren't discussing this yet, but I guess that the "order summary" e-mail should suffice.
Ratzi 1 gen 2013, ore 8:18 
Thank you very much :-)
Yitani(currently no social life) 10 gen 2013, ore 15:40 
what about desura?
Kovi  [sviluppatore] 10 gen 2013, ore 22:44 
I assume the same as for GOG.
Elemental1 7 feb 2013, ore 15:40 
Great :) That makes the choice simple ill jus use desura in the maentime :)
jkhristian 20 apr 2013, ore 15:53 
The game is awesome. Truly a breath fresh air in a world where so many games have gone stale! Greenlight Please!
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doomowl 3 mag 2013, ore 11:01 
Hi Kovi, lets say right nw if i bought it from, can i still received the steam key?? how will it progress?? still waiting for sale from >_< coz short on money but it seem right and fit my game style ^_^
Kovi  [sviluppatore] 6 mag 2013, ore 23:37 
Hi doomowl, I guess it could work like this: When buying a game on, you'll receive an e-mail confirming your purchase. If you forward that e-mail to us once Inquisitor has been released on Steam, we'll send you a Steam key for free.
Ultima modifica da Kovi; 6 mag 2013, ore 23:37
doomowl 7 mag 2013, ore 1:41 
so i have to keep the mail?? damn it, i dono i delete it or not >_< if i deleted it then hw?
Kovi  [sviluppatore] 13 mag 2013, ore 23:30 
I guess there will be a way how to prove you own Inquisitor on even if you have deleted the e-mail confirming your purchase. Maybe by sending us a screenshot showing Inquisitor in your collection.
doomowl 14 mag 2013, ore 3:43 
kk, btw, i jz double check and it's still inside my mail box, but since steam haven release, so i jz keep it until release to request the cd key from u guys at tat time~
Xelios 1 giu 2013, ore 20:26 
Yeah I don't keep those e-mails, but I own the game. When it goes live I'll just send proof by screens. Thanks for doing this. =)
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