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Legends of Aethereus
A warning
Here it is. First off their is no quicksaves at all. Call me a pansy or whatever but no saving is a BIG no-no for those who have a life. Second if you die you have to go all the back to the beginning of the quest. To be honest I've only gotten to the second quest so I'm not sure but it looks like their is no auto-saves either. Again a HUGE no-no. Third this is not a hack and slash game at all. I'm fine with that but the time in between being able to swing your weapon to hit someone is crazy long. Maybe it speeds up as you level, I hope to hell that's the case. It is not Skyrim, or any other fast paced game, again at least not in the beginning. Fourth the Coop is nonexistent as far as I can tell. No one is playing Coop unless it's a private group. Been trying for 3 days now and only one person is in the lobby, AFK it looks like. I have opened up a Coop game and played it for about an hour (all I could stand of dying and restarting over at beginning) and no one shows up.

I am trying to like this game since I dropped $30 on it but it's hard to. I know it just came out but their is still a lot to be desired. The crafting is actually nice. Better than most MMO's out there. Good thing since mobs don't drop armor or weapons, just crafting and other materials. I'm hoping that it gets Greenlighted so more people will buy it and play it, hopefully Coop. Seems that is the way the game is intended to be played. But right now I can't bring myself to play it. The getting half way through a quest and dying because I can't be bothered to swing my sword more than once every 3 seconds (not exaggerating at all) and having to start all over again (you do get to keep everything you loot so that's nice) is getting old real fast. But I'm sure I will be told that this game is not for me or whatever. Which may be true.

BTW if anybody out there is actually playing Coop I'm Mojo Rysen ingame. Come join me and give me a hand!
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DoctorBear Jul 28, 2013 @ 9:29pm 
Some things to clarify, it's not an MMO. I'm not sure if the comparison was giving the notion of that belief or not, but that should be clarified. Another thing to note is that at this time you have to wait in your game lobby until people to join for people to actually join your game. As far as i know, people cannot join your game once you have started it. Also, try going to Hi11zone's livestreams if you want to experience the game in co-op. There are plenty of people who wish to play this game together. But for some reason their games either don't show up, or they make the same honest mistake as you by starting the game from the lobby assuming that players can jump into an already started game.

It's true the gameplay in the beginning can feel slow, it does speed up but one thing to always keep in mind is to get good armor the first chance you get to avoid being killed off so easily. Again, unsure of whether or not you haven't done so already but simply assuming. The game plays much better co-op, and it does speed up as you get better weapons. But it is intended to be a high-difficulty game that requires strategy and quick thinking. You can also improve your attack speed through your stats.
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Ol' Kentucky Shark Jul 28, 2013 @ 10:41pm 
Thanks for the quick reply.

I know it's not a MMO. Though in MMO's you cannot save at all, like this game. I have only seen one person in the Lobby, WykZ I believe is his name. I have tried to talk to him but nothing. I did not know that no one can connect to an already started game. Thanks for that. I want to play the game with someone too.

As far as the Edit goes I just got done with the second quest. It was hard as hell until I ran myself into a corner that the mobs could not reach me because of pathfinding issues. Then I just blasted them in the face with my pistol. Yes I have crafted more than I actually spend playing. Not got great stuff but grinding the first 2 quests because of no quick/auto saves has helped that. I'm level 6 now so I'm still getting started. TBO I don't really like high-difficulty games that much. This isn't as bad as Dark Souls (another game I tried to love but couldn't) but I'm getting the hang of it. I'm hoping that it will get the green light so more will play it.

Again thanks for the response. I'm gonna try the third quest tomorrow. Maybe someone will be on to help.
DoctorBear Jul 28, 2013 @ 11:07pm 
Do you mean that your quests don't register as finished when you mean saving? Sorry, i'm a bit confused about that. Because as far as i know the game keeps a consistent save state until you exit the game. I've never had a problem with that, and i've never had to repeat a mission. It does get a little tedius with the fact that you have to restart an entire quest if you die. However, thinking now, that's probably what you meant. xD As far as crafting is concerned... My advice is you hold off crafting until you're a little higher level and have better materials. You'd be surprised what the normal blacksmith shop has, and if you get lucky you can really get some really good armors. At least that's how i do it, i've been playing since the first KS beta and have had to make a new character a couple of times, most recently with the new release build.

Also, if you go to their forum at you can probably set up a multiplayer party thread and see if anyone is up to starting a game with you now or at another time. There used to be a main multiplayer finding thread but i can't seem to locate it right now... I think it was in the beta forums so it must have gotten archived, but i can't guarantee that as i'm notorious for not having the best of memories. xD In any case, i hope you have fun with this game. Ignore WykZ, i see him everytime i go to the multiplayer lobby as well but he doesn't seem to join any games or really do... Anything... It could just be a bot to make sure lobby is online? Iunno, or a bugged player. But i can never seem to contact him or even invite him to a game session.
Ol' Kentucky Shark Jul 28, 2013 @ 11:54pm 
Thanks again for the reply.

Yes I am talking about saving anytime I want so if I have to do something in real life I could save and come back later. But I realize that "hardcore games" do not have that because of an inflated sense of not letting people pick how they want to play, or stop playing, because "saving is for ♥♥♥♥♥s". TBO I thought that things you crafted were far superior to what you could buy. But I'll look closer at vendor items from now on. I'll check out the forums to see if their is a coop thread.
DoctorBear Jul 29, 2013 @ 2:04am 
You can always leave a forum post on the feedback thread requesting a save game feature, which to be honest would be pretty nice. Or at the very least for the game to pause when you pull up the main menu, but i think there's already a forum post on that. In any case, normally crafting gets you superior equipment but that's only IF you have the materials to craft it, or enough gold to buy the missing materials you need. So it's good to use the shop for a little while until you have a good amount of gold and materials on you, at that point you'll be wanting to craft more than shop.
ThreeGates Studio  [developer] Jul 31, 2013 @ 9:41pm 
Thanks for all the help in answering questions DocBear.

Ol' Kentucky,
Thank you for all your feedback, we will most certainly take it on board. As for us being like MMO's, again I have to state that we are not, nor did we ever intend to even come off like an MMO. We're 4 player co-op and that's where our multiplayer environment stops.

As for swing speeds on weapons,
The weight of the weapon, your strength, etc, all affect how quickly you swing a weapon.
Ol' Kentucky Shark Jul 31, 2013 @ 10:15pm 
Originally posted by ThreeGates Studio:
Thanks for all the help in answering questions DocBear.

Ol' Kentucky,
Thank you for all your feedback, we will most certainly take it on board. As for us being like MMO's, again I have to state that we are not, nor did we ever intend to even come off like an MMO. We're 4 player co-op and that's where our multiplayer environment stops.

As for swing speeds on weapons,
The weight of the weapon, your strength, etc, all affect how quickly you swing a weapon.

Oh sweet, a Dev checked in!

As I've played this game more I am starting to respect what you are trying to do with it. I still would like at least a checkpoint save every now and then, maybe a difficulty slider like Wimp=quicksaves+checkpoint saves, Adventurer=checkpoint saves, Solder=what we have now. Doubt it will happen but still. When this game gets the Greenlight I guarantee many new buyers will be asking for some kind of save system. I do like the fact that you keep all your loot when you die and restart. Kinda takes some of the sting out of it.

As far as a MMO I think I was misunderstood. I was complimenting you on how great the Crafting System is. Comparing it to MMO's, whose crafting is usually superior to most other SP games at least in my opinion, is saying a lot. So yes I know the difference between MMO's and Coop games.

I am now seeing the differences between weapons and how skills affect swing. I still stand by my OP because I want to make sure potential buyers see how this game is different from "normal" hack&slash games. Some people will like it better because of what I "warned" them about too.

Anyhoo again great job you are doing so far! Keep up the improvements and patches and we will see this on Steam in no time!
ThreeGates Studio  [developer] Aug 5, 2013 @ 11:59am 
Thanks for that Kentucky! We're a bit swamped trying to keep up with all the feedback and the like, so be patient with us. As for your most recent post, we are planning on making sure we are far more transparent with the game and what it's core audience is intended to be.
Steunte Aug 12, 2013 @ 8:05am 
Hello together, i have a question and dont want to make a new Thread because of this ... i read, that you talked much about coop, but there is somethin i missed ...

I See a lot of Lets Plays, but can i play coop with all that stuff i would do as like as the single player part ?! Sry for my bad english, but its important for me to know. Only found informations, that coop is with pvp and pve arena in your city or your friends city ... ?!
Darlas Aug 12, 2013 @ 8:56am 
I bought it via Green Man Gaming yesterday and tried to play it.
The only thing to say is it wasn't a wise decision to buy in so early.

The game is heavy bugged and nowhere near release state.
I can't understand why indie developers releasing products that are not finished.
Before the patch today it wasn't even running on 30FPS and multiplayer was unplayable anyway.

The game lags and is clunky, the last patch fixed some lags but this should be in the release not after it, it's game breaking with a combat system like this.

Quests are bugged - you can't finish them they are not responding in co-op - you get stuck and have to delete your character and start over again because of one bugged quest.
Plenty of features are not working in co-op like the house system is gone or just a menu for the smith rather than entering the house.
The loading times are very long (like 2 minutes), the way to fix it is alt-tab out of the game and go back in.

Quests are dull and boring and mostly broken due combat mechanic - walk across the map and kill stuff in the most linear way in copy pasted environment like caves and foliage, ever so fail at some enemies because the combat system bugs out and you slash through them rather than hitting them or get kicked to death from them since you can't stand up when 4 enemies kicking you at the ground.

Most quests are designed for co-op like the caravan defence but you can't play multiplayer due heavy bugs and lags.
You can't precisely attack enemies in co-op since they lagging behind or just spam kicking you to death, you attack other players or kick them / poison them so you hindering yourself more than helping when playing multiplayer.

I can understand the small indie dev theory and that there are good mechanics in the game that are refreshing the genre like building your own weapons or decorating your city.

But the game is nowhere near finished and not even in a proper release state in my opinion.
If it was released as Early Access on Steam i would have agreed that it might get better, I've hope it will, but I've bought a working full released product not for a bugged beta version and I've already lost my good will on this game.

30$ for an indie title from a small dev team that releases their product in a horrible unpolished copy pasted way is just a little too much if you ask me.

If you take a look that the dev team also received a kick-starter they could have gone other ways like a buy in beta - but releasing the product in such an unfinished way not even multiplayer is working properly (saying released because Green Man Gaming never said any word about a beta here!) is horrible.

If I could I would have asked to get a refund, but sadly the policies of Green Man Gaming refuses to do so.
I would recommend to stay away for the time being and let the developers finish the game (like a year).
Texelion Sep 3, 2013 @ 12:26pm 
Amen to that, I posted this kind of review on GMG, but it seems that they check the gamer review and I'm sure they won't post it, they only post positive reviews to sell the game...

I don't want a refund, the game has some great potentiel, but for now it just seems unfinished and I'm sure that the devs will do everything to do something good. Like rewriting all the quests because they are boring as hell, finding a way to put real textures on the armors and weapons instead of generic maps, and make a better combat systeme, 'cause this one is just boring...

One can dream...
天诛 Jun 14, 2014 @ 12:41am 
Is this game dead? There is no patches or players playing it... Are the Dev's even working on it? It's been few months and they promised few changes and new playable character but nothing is happening
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