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Huntsman:The Orphanage
ShadowShifters  [desarrollador] 31 OCT 2012 a las 17:30
Announcing the winners of the SLENDERMAN: THE ORPHANAGE "FREAKY FEATURES" competition - and there are some surprises... 10 of them!
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ShadowShifters  [desarrollador] 31 OCT 2012 a las 17:59 
Happy Halloween to all our entrants! We are so blown away by the energy and thought that has gone into so many of the game features ideas, we've decided to boost the 13 game give-aways by giving away an extra 10 copies! Here comes the list of winners...
ShadowShifters  [desarrollador] 31 OCT 2012 a las 18:00 
In no particular order:

Wookiee Smuggler
Deathly Logic
galactic panda :3 [Oz Fur]
๖ۣۜDn@ Bloodlust LDR
Dr. Malicous Meanie
Joreal Conners
Din mammas bil
[Tophat] Erebos
ParadoX 14
Grey Dragon
13th |UKCS|
ShadowShifters  [desarrollador] 31 OCT 2012 a las 18:01 
If you can count this far, you'll see there's one more to go... we just have to acknowledge the input and support of HeatBombastic's player guide to getting the most out of the game experience!
MXR72 31 OCT 2012 a las 18:18 
Siked! I won! Can't wait for release! It's great that you guys put on this contest, around the special time of year..... Thumbs up to your dev team for their hard work and time to listen to the fans ideas! Can't wait to get playing!
Herr Tor 31 OCT 2012 a las 18:29 
Great, im happy to see that you liked my idea! But how will i get the game?
ShadowShifters  [desarrollador] 31 OCT 2012 a las 19:09 
@Din mammas bil - Watch this space! Upon release on Steam codes will be made available for you to redeem. Congrats and thanks for putting thought into it!
Star Butterfly 31 OCT 2012 a las 20:57 
Thank you kindly. I should fetch an axe and a smartphone, head out to the woods in a minute. I'm going to need to train.

On a seperate note, I want to congratulate you on coming as far as you have with your game. I hope it does well. Good luck in all your endeavors.
ShadowShifters  [desarrollador] 31 OCT 2012 a las 21:21 
@Joreal Conners - thank you for that, and thank you for all the support and input.
Wookiee Smuggler 1 NOV 2012 a las 2:21 
YAY I won something. First time I've ever won something. And that something is going to be a fantastic game. WOOOOOT!
Wookiee Smuggler 1 NOV 2012 a las 2:27 
By the way, you guys are doing a great job and thank you for listening to everyones ideas. :D
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ShadowShifters  [desarrollador] 1 NOV 2012 a las 4:20 
@Wookiee Smuggler - I'm happy that you're happy!
ParadoxObscuris 1 NOV 2012 a las 7:07 
Thanks guys.
13th |UKCS| 1 NOV 2012 a las 7:09 
YES! So freaking happy that I have won. Really looking forward to the full release so I can face Slendy on another map
Obi-Juan Kenobi 1 NOV 2012 a las 8:17 
Yay! i won :) . I was just wondering, if this comes out on disk (i thought it might be becuase i heard you might be releasing artwork with it ), will the people who have won get the artwork too? :)
ParadoxObscuris 1 NOV 2012 a las 9:17 
Do we get a place in the "Special thanks" credits?
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